Sydney Derby inspires next generation of sports fans: Brosque

Sydney FC skipper Alex Brosque says the Sydney Derby has become an event that will inspire the next generation of footballers and fans as the derby confidently takes on cricket at Moore Park on Saturday night.

The Sydney derby will be part of an electrifying night for sport in the Harbour City as the Hyundai A-League at Allianz Stadium goes head-to-head with the Big Bash on Saturday night at the adjacent SCG. 

Around 80,000 fans are expected to be in the SCG precinct.

Brosque vows ‘relentless’ Sydney FC against Wanderers

A crowd of around 40,000 has been tipped for the cricket, while a sell-out of over 42,000 is set to cram into Allianz Stadium for Sydney FC’s battle with Western Sydney Wanderers.  

It’s being billed as an historic event for the Moore Park area, breaking a 50-year record when 78,000 fans were on hand for the 1965 NSWRL grand final    

“It’s good to see where football is now. In previous years in a game like the Sixers v the Thunder [BBL] it might take a lot away from the football match which is being played next door,” Brosque told reporters on Wednesday.

“But the fact that we’re going to be a sell-out and have a full stadium for our game shows how far football has come in this country.

“It’s a good sign and it will just continue to grow.”

While he enjoys cricket, Brosque has no doubt which game will provide the bigger atmosphere on Saturday night.

The Sydney FC skipper – who grew up and still lives in Western Sydney – has been a big part of the growing rivalry between the two clubs and is in awe at how big it has become.

“To see 40,000 plus thousand here [at Allianz on Saturday night] and 61,000 at ANZ [in round 1], it’s incredible,” he said.

“It’s what football in this country needed, it gives the kids that are growing up they come to watch the games, they see what the atmosphere is like and they want to be a part of it when they grow up.

“You come here and watch a full stadium, two good teams going at it, the divide between the city and what it means to each club and you want to be a part of it.”

Wanderers skipper Dimas Delgado added: “This is always is a special game.

“It’s always such a game because the supporters and everyone wants to win.

“We know Sydney is in good form and they have some good results but we just worry about us. We only have two wins but in many games we deserve a lot more. 

“We believe in our football, in our style.”