Live show: Smurf in Wanderland

What’s it like being an A-League fan deep in enemy territory in Sydney? David Williams found out and it’s the theme of his intriguing new theatre production called “Smurf in Wanderland”.

The diehard Sydney FC supporter, playwright and founder of performance ensemble Version 1.0 casts a spotlight on Sydney’s football fan tribalism in this new show. 

Standing out like a sore thumb in a sea of red and black, Williams could’ve be forgiven for fearing for his safety in his “smurf” colours of Sydney FC. 

Instead, he found solidarity among his fellow fans.

And this A-League fanatic is bringing his experiences to the stage.

‘Smurf in Wanderland’ is Williams’ insightful and hilarious examination of football, tribalism, belonging and identity.

It debunks the myths of football hooliganism and instead tells the tale of loyalty and unity.


‘Smurf in Wanderland’ is on at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta in April. 

It then moves to Sydney’s Griffin Theatre in May. 

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More show details here:


In conjunction with the production, National Theatre of Parramatta is presenting a photographic exhibition Wanderland’ by award-winning photographer and die-hard Wanderers fan, Eric Berry.

Berry’s portfolio features stunning images from Wanderers matches and a unique insight into the magic of football. 

The exhibition runs until April 29 in the foyer of Riverside Theatres.

Griffin Theatre Company presents Smurf in Wanderland by David Williams – one man’s hilarious and insightful exploration of football, tribalism, belonging and identity.

To win a double-pass to the Tuesday 2 May preview performance at 7pm at the SBW Stables Theatre in Kings Cross, send your name and contact details to with the subject line PITCH by Wednesday 26 April.

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