Hyundai A-League versus La Liga

How do Hyundai A-League stats measure up to La Liga? And what about Sydney FC in comparison to Real Madrid? Or Rojas versus Messi?

We asked Opta Data and this is what they came back with. 

Hyundai A-League versus La Liga

· Marco Rojas’ 11 assists are more than any player in the A-League or La Liga

· Rojas (12 goals, 11 assists; 20 games) is involved in 1.15 goals per game, more than any player in the A-League and more than all but two in La Liga.

1.    1.25 – Lionel Messi (23 goals, 7 assists; 24 games)

2.    1.2 – Luis Suarez (21 goals, 9 assists; 25 games)

3.    1.15 – Marco Rojas (12 goals, 11 assists; 20 games)

· Melbourne City’s passing accuracy of 82.17% is the best in the A-League this season, better than every La Liga team except Barcelona (86.46%)

· Sydney FC’s 0.48 goals conceded per game this season is significantly lower than any other team in the A-League (Victory, 1.17) and is in fact the best of any team across the A-League or La Liga.

· In La Liga, only Messi (23), Suarez (21), and Cristiano Ronaldo (19) have scored more in their competition than Berisha (18) has in the A-League.

· Melbourne City have won 17.7 fouls per game so far this season; not only is that the most of any A-League team but it’s significantly more than any other team across La Liga with Las Palmas  the next most favoured by the officials, winning 16.6 fouls per game. 

Victory winger Marco Rojas says his side must be clinical in Friday's clash with Sydney FC.

Sydney FC versus Real Madrid

· The top assist provider from  Sydney FC and Real Madrid has contributed 10 assists this season; the Sky Blues’ Milos Ninkovic keeping pace with Toni Kroos for Real Madrid.

· Passing accuracy: Sydney FC (75.2%), Real Madrid (86.4%)

· Clean sheets: Sydney FC (13), Real Madrid (7)

· Total shots: Sydney FC (323), Real Madrid (457)

· Shot conversion: Sydney FC (16.6%), Real Madrid (19.2%)

· Fouls conceded: Sydney FC (380), Real Madrid (287)

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