Open letter to A-Leagues fans from Nick Garcia, A-Leagues Commissioner

You, our fans, are the lifeblood of the A-Leagues. The atmosphere you create is what makes our leagues so exciting and unique.

We have heard your feedback and take on board your concerns. Every fan, no matter where you sit or stand, has the right to have a safe and enjoyable time at our games.

While we don’t condone violence or anti-social behaviour of any kind, we will defend the reputation of our game and stand up for the rights and safety of our fans. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment is our number one priority.

We are concerned with some of the reports and footage from the weekend and are finalising our investigation in collaboration with fans, clubs, venues, security and Police. Going forward, we will continue to work with these stakeholders to ensure they understand and consider the unique culture of our game and supporter bases, and act in accordance with the high standards expected.

At the same time, we call on every fan – the overwhelming majority we know are fantastic supporters – to adhere to venue and safety protocols. We don’t condone any behaviour that negatively impacts the experience for our fans or the image of our game, no matter the situation.

Our work continues and we are exploring new initiatives and procedures to ensure we can retain the incredible atmosphere at our games whilst ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for every fan.