Why you’ve gotta have a team!

Our amazing Football Family continues to grow across Australia. It seems everywhere you go, Aussies can’t get enough of football.

Be it AIA Vitality MiniRoos, to youth or senior football, Futsal, social competitions or in schools, we are either playing football, watching football, coaching football, refereeing games or administering clubs. 

On social media, there is a huge football community, discussing football or sharing content with mates. 

Walk the streets of any suburb and you’ll inevitably see football pitches, or fans in their favourite football jerseys.

Brisbane Roar's Jamie Young and Brett Holman with four young fans.

Football, and football fans, are everywhere. 

In fact, in the most recent survey, there’s been a 20% increase in participation from 2014, with 2.18M Australians female and male currently participating in one way or another with football. That’s impressive. 

We’re proud of the Football Family. We’re proud of their passion. We’re also proud of the Hyundai A-League.

It’s our league, it’s fresh, dynamic and it’s time you knew how good it is. 

Did you know, last season, 444 goals were scored in total, averaging 3.2 per game, the highest for any season in the Hyundai A-League? Some of the goals were world class. 

Not only that, the football is exciting with attacking teams across the league. 

Bruno Fornaroli was the highest point scorer in Hyundai A-League fantasy last season.

Did you also know last season an aggregate of 1.7m fans attended matches? And the Hyundai A-League Grand Final was sold out with over 50,000 fans at Adelaide Oval? 

In fact, more Aussies are watching the A-League than the English Premier League (11% versus 9%).

And this season, the Caltex Socceroo legend Tim Cahill will be playing across Australia in the A-League! How good is that?

That’s right, one of the biggest sports superstars in Australia will be doing what he does best for the very first time in the A-League.

But there are so many more stars across the league from Brazil, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Argentina and of course, Australia.

And you never know who’ll win the Championship and Premiership trophies. As an example, in the final round of last season any one of four clubs – Brisbane Roar FC, Adelaide United, Western Sydney Wanderers FC and Melbourne City FC – could have secured the Premiership and direct entry into the AFC Champions League in 2017.

What’s more, the derbies in Sydney and Melbourne continued to capture the imagination of fans in both cities.  In fact, the highest attended regular season match was in Round 2 between Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers FC where 40,539 attended.

The highly anticipated Sydney derby has sold out.

The league kicks off on October 7 this year and it’s going to be another sensational season. 

So, as we say, ‘You’ve gotta have a team!” Which colours will you be wearing in Season 2016/17?