TEST Match Preview: Dummy Team v Shaolin Soccer – TEST

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Choi Kang-hee

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Kim Bo-kyung.

As eye-catching as this duo is, much also depends on 19 year-old holding midfielder Jang Yun-ho, should he get the nod, as he has of late.

The back four is perhaps not quite as impressive as in 2014 especially in the middle. Alex Wilkinson has headed home and Kim Kee-hee was tempted to join Shanghai Shenhua for big money just before the season started.

It didn’t leave much time to find a replacement for the international. Centre-backs Choi Gyu-beak and Lim Jong-eun lack a little of the authority of the former pairing but that may change if they can come through this test.

Going pretty well in the league, second behind FC Seoul, and safely through to the second round, there is a feeling that the team has not quite clicked yet. If it does in the next few days, Melbourne better watch out.