The image of Carson Pickett and young fan sparking joy across the world

An American toddler and Brisbane Roar star Carson Pickett have come together for one of the photos of 2019.

Pickett has been in the headlines this week after a heart-warming image of the Orlando Pride defender and 21-month-old Floridian Joseph Tidd went viral.

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Both Pickett, 26, and Tidd were born without a left forearm.

But the picture – posted on Instagram in June by Tidd’s parents – shows Pickett and the young Orlando fan beaming from ear to ear, revelling in the special connection they share.

The photo took off online this week after Florida Gators coach Becky Burleigh, a former college mentor of Pickett, re-posted a separate image of Tidd and Pickett meeting up recently.

Now the whole world is getting a glimpse of the connection they have and the enjoyment they get out of seeing each other.

With more than 36,000 likes when the image was first shared on Twitter, it’s certainly captured attention around the globe.

The image was first posted onto Instagram by Tidd’s parents, who operate an Instagram account set up to show-off their son’s life.

While it’s didn’t immediately attract worldwide attention, it did after Burleigh’s re-post last weekend.

It’s been a truly special bond ever since their first meeting following Orlando’s game against Portland in April.

The pair’s bond has caught the attention of The Today Show in the United States and Fox News.

“Carson knelt down next to Joseph and showed him her arm,” Joseph’s father, Miles Tidd, said of the pair’s first meeting – which was in Orlando’s season-opener against Portland Thorns in April.

“It was this instant bond we can’t begin to understand.”

Feature image: tiddbit_outta_hand on Instagram

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