FFA slams AFL over GF venue claims

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has today reaffirmed that all stakeholders in Victoria were advised in May this year that the 2014-15 Hyundai A-League Grand Final would be played on either 10 May or 17 May, subject to confirmation of the Asian Football Confederation calendar.

Further, FFA reaffirms that Etihad Stadium, the MCG and the Victorian Government were regularly updated until the confirmation of the 17 May Grand Final date.

The public confirmation of the 17 May date occurred more than five weeks ago on 19 September and was reported in the national media.

FFA notes the statement by the AFL today blaming a communication breakdown between Etihad Stadium and the AFL for its lack of knowledge of the 17 May date, in preparation of its yet-to-be-released 2015 fixture.

FFA rejects as irrelevant the reference to direct communications between FFA and the AFL. As standard practice venue hirers such as FFA deal directly with venue managers and government agencies in booking venues, not with other sporting bodies.

Notwithstanding the AFL statement, FFA continues to talk to the Victorian Government, Etihad Stadium and the MCG to ensure Melbourne is in a position to host the Hyundai A-League Grand Final on 17 May, plans that were first shared with stakeholders five months ago.