Craig Deans to step down as Jets Head Coach

Newcastle Jets Head Coach Craig Deans has announced he does not intend on coaching the team next season.

Deans made the following statement on Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve decided to step down as Head Coach. I’ve had conversations with the Club starting three or so weeks ago around my role and what I think is best for the future of the Club.

“The decision is that I’ll step down. I’ll finish the season off and give the club the opportunity to find someone who can come in and have a full pre-season and the rest of this season to look at the players and plan a pre-season and bring in the players they need which is something we didn’t have last year.

“From my perspective, it’s a case of being worn out with the situation of being the head coach here.

“The last 18 months or so have been pretty tough and you put on a brave face every week and try and put a positive spin on everything but that takes a toll as a person. I think it’s best I make the decision and we make the change.

“I’d like to stay. I’ve had a chat with the Club about staying on in another capacity but that’s still a few weeks away.”

Craig Deans