Angelique gets on the tools to chase Glory dream

Perth Glory rookie Angelique Stannett might be doing it tough combining work as a labourer and playing football, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perth Glory will be desperate for a win in their final home match of the season on Sunday when they take on Adelaide United in a do-or-die clash at Ashfield Reserve. Glory must win and secure three points and hope the other results fall their way to maintain a slim chance of making the top four.  

Defender Stannett, knows it will be a tough challenge but not impossible. 

“The results haven’t gone our way in recent weeks and we know that. It’s a new squad, but we definitely haven’t given up hope of making the finals. It will be tough but mathematically it’s possible so as long as there is that glimmer of hope, everything is possible and it’s what we’ll be striving for,” the 18-year-old carpenter’s labourer said.

Stannett, who has represented WA in recent years, has put university life on hold until she turns 21 to pursue a career as a paramedic.

“I finished school with the option of university but the Paramedicine course I was interested in requires you to be 21 so I have a couple years to wait. I figured I would use the time to focus on football, work and possibly travel if I can fit it in.”

Earning a living however wasn’t an easy task after high school, so after some friendly advice from her father, Angelique donned the safety vest and got a job as a labourer.

“My dad came up with the idea that I go work for the company that he does work for and here I am now, a labourer for A&E Projects.

“It does get tough sometimes with starting quite early and being a really physical job but it just means I have to give up my social life occasionally to get some needed rest.”

“My supervisors are awesome. They understand how important my football is to me so they allow me to sneak off early if I have training or have a Saturday off when it’s game day which I’m grateful for.”

Stannett who was born in New Zealand but was raised in Perth from the age of three, kicked-off her football dream when she was six at her local club, Sutherlands Park in Perth’s southern suburbs.

“My family was never really big on football until it kind of became my thing. So I grew up watching a lot of rugby and AFL games with them. Even though they aren’t the world’s biggest football fanatics, mum and dad have definitely played a big role influencing my passion for the game through all their support, especially in my younger years getting me to training and being at all my games. I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said.

“I trained with the Glory squad a few times last season and then this season came around and presented new opportunities. I was happy just to be training with the squad and gaining a bit more experience so when I got asked if I wanted to sign for Glory I was stoked.”

Kick-off for the last home match between Glory and Adelaide is at 4pm.

Entry is free for all Perth Glory FC members.