The Ange Postecoglou response which will excite Spurs fans worldwide

“That will be the guarantee,” Ange Postecoglou said as he took part in a Q&A with Tottenham fans across the globe.

Postecoglou is ushering in a new era at Tottenham after the Australian trailblazer – the first Australian to manage in the Premier League – was appointed by Spurs to permanently replace Antonio Conte.

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The A-Leagues legend is coming off a treble-winning season with Scottish powerhouse Celtic, however, Tottenham missed out on Europe for the 2023-24 campaign following an eighth-placed finish in the Premier League. Spurs also haven’t won a piece of silverware since 2008.

But as he fielded questions from Spurs supporters worldwide, it was a response to one question that will excite fans.

A fan based in Asia asked how Postecoglou would keep those supporters “entertained” and “awake” in the early hours of the morning.

“I guarantee that you won’t be falling asleep watching our games irrespective of the time of the day. That will be the guarantee,” he replied.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Postecoglou added: “I know that experience. That was my upbringing.

“What you do remember afterwards, some of my best memories are getting up in the middle of the night and watching games on the other side of the world.

“It helps if they’re positive experiences and that’s sort of my responsibility.”

He added: “We want to play our football a certain way. We want to play football everyone wants to watch, not just Tottenham supporters.

“If we can achieve that, success fill follow.”

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There were a number of questions from fans, including one from a Spurs supporter living on the Central Coast.

He asked if Postecoglou could bring an Australian in the prime of their career to this Spurs squad, who would it be?

“There is a number,” the Spurs boss answered.

“We’ve had some fantastic footballers, guys who made an impact at Premier League level like Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Mark Schwarzer – our golden generation of footballers. All of them had fantastic careers.

“Mark Bresciano I think people would’ve love here at Spurs. Very (Christian) Eriksen-type player. Attacking midfielder, scores goals. They would’ve loved seeing him here and ended up playing in Italy and had a great career in Serie A.

“The good thing about Aussies is, they would’ve given everything if they put on that Tottenham shirt.”

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The host of the Q&A then turned to Postecoglou and mentioned Tottenham’s new Australian assistant – Socceroos great Mile Jedinak.

An outstanding leader and captain. Made an impact over here,” Postecoglou said of the former Aston Villa and Crystal Palace midfielder.

“When you think about an Australian being made captain of a Premier League club. Actually from the Central Coast, that’s where he started his football. A remarkable journey.

“We wear it as a badge of honour a little bit for an Australian to get to the Premier League. I know how hard of a journey that is. Any Aussie who has made it up to this level has been hard earned and well deserved.”

Another fan asked how many goals would Son Heung-min and Harry Kane score for Spurs in 2023-24.

While Postecoglou hopes the pair net “bags of goals and they’re not the only ones”.

It led him to add: “There is no such thing as an ugly goal. Every time that ball crosses the line, the emotion it brings to people I love.

“It’s still the best part of the game. It unites people, it unites strangers.”