FULL FIXTURE: Every Liberty A-League match for season 2023-24

The FULL fixture for the 2023-24 Liberty A-League season has dropped. Here’s where and when your team will be playing.

The Liberty A-League season will kick off on 14-15 October with a standalone weekend of games in major stadiums to celebrate women’s football.

The regular season has also been extended to 22 games – in line with global benchmarks – as the Central Coast Mariners rejoin the league and become the third new team to join the league in as many seasons.

With the addition of a 12th team, the Finals Series has also been expanded from four to six teams, with the format to mirror the Isuzu UTE A-League Men’s competition.


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The Mariners will open the season with an F3 Derby showdown against the Newcastle Jets on Saturday October 14 in Gosford, before Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers lock horns in the Sydney Derby later that evening.

“Australia and New Zealand have shown that we are football nations over the last month, and we want to carry this incredible momentum into the Liberty A-League Women,” A-Leagues Commissioner Nick Garcia said.

“Every single CommBank Matilda was made in the Liberty A-League Women and it is the only place to watch current and former national team stars and the next generation every week, in our own backyard. We want everyone to get to a match and show their support for women’s football and for their local heroes.”

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FIXTURE WALL CHART: Download the Liberty A-League fixture wall chart to keep up to date with every match across every round

RoundDateHome teamAway teamVenueKick-off (local)Kick-off (AEST/AEDT)
1Saturday, 14 October 2023Central Coast MarinersNewcastle JetsIndustree Group Stadium05:00PM05:00PM
1Saturday, 14 October 2023Sydney FCWestern Sydney Wanderers FCAllianz Stadium07:45PM07:45PM
1Saturday, 14 October 2023Perth GloryWestern United FCMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
1Sunday, 15 October 2023Wellington PhoenixMelbourne City FCSky Stadium03:00PM01:00PM
1Sunday, 15 October 2023Adelaide UnitedCanberra UnitedCoopers Stadium02:30PM03:00PM
1Sunday, 15 October 2023Melbourne VictoryBrisbane Roar FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
2Friday, 20 October 2023Adelaide UnitedCentral Coast MarinersCoopers Stadium04:30PM05:00PM
2Saturday, 21 October 2023Melbourne City  FCCanberra United FCAAMI Park02:45PM02:45PM
2Saturday, 21 October 2023Brisbane Roar FCSydney FCBallymore Stadium03:00PM04:00PM
2Sunday, 22 October 2023Western United FCMelbourne VictoryTBC04:00PM04:00PM
2Sunday, 22 October 2023Perth GloryNewcastle JetsHBF Park02:00PM05:00PM
2Sunday, 22 October 2023Western Sydney Wanderers FCWellington PhoenixCommBank Stadium05:45PM05:45PM
3Friday,  3 November 2023Sydney FCCentral Coast MarinersSydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre07:00PM07:00PM
3Saturday,  4 November 2023Wellington PhoenixBrisbane Roar FCSky Stadium02:45PM12:45PM
3Saturday,  4 November 2023Newcastle JetsWestern Sydney Wanderers FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
3Saturday,  4 November 2023Canberra UnitedPerth GloryMcKellar Park04:00PM04:00PM
3Saturday,  4 November 2023Melbourne VictoryAdelaide UnitedAAMI Park05:00PM05:00PM
3Sunday,  5 November 2023Western United FCMelbourne City FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
4Saturday, 11 November 2023Melbourne City  FCWestern Sydney Wanderers FCAAMI Park02:45PM02:45PM
4Saturday, 11 November 2023Melbourne VictoryNewcastle JetsTBC04:00PM04:00PM
4Saturday, 11 November 2023Perth GloryAdelaide UnitedMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
4Sunday, 12 November 2023Wellington PhoenixWestern United FCTBC04:00PM02:00PM
4Sunday, 12 November 2023Central Coast MarinersBrisbane Roar FCIndustree Group Stadium02:15PM02:15PM
4Sunday, 12 November 2023Sydney FCCanberra UnitedTBC04:00PM04:00PM
5Saturday, 18 November 2023Western Sydney Wanderers FCCanberra UnitedWanderers Football Park04:00PM04:00PM
5Saturday, 18 November 2023Central Coast MarinersWellington PhoenixTBC06:00PM06:00PM
5Saturday, 18 November 2023Perth GloryMelbourne VictoryMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
5Sunday, 19 November 2023Adelaide UnitedSydney FCTBC01:30PM02:00PM
5Sunday, 19 November 2023Newcastle JetsMelbourne City FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
5Sunday, 19 November 2023Brisbane Roar FCWestern United FCBallymore Stadium03:00PM04:00PM
6Saturday, 25 November 2023Wellington PhoenixPerth GloryTBC02:45PM12:45PM
6Saturday, 25 November 2023Western United FCWestern Sydney Wanderers FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
6Saturday, 25 November 2023Brisbane Roar FCAdelaide UnitedBallymore Stadium03:00PM04:00PM
6Sunday, 26 November 2023Melbourne VictoryCentral Coast MarinersTBC02:00PM02:00PM
6Sunday, 26 November 2023Sydney FCMelbourne City FCSydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre04:00PM04:00PM
6Sunday, 26 November 2023Canberra UnitedNewcastle JetsMcKellar Park04:00PM04:00PM
7Friday,  8 December 2023Western Sydney Wanderers FCCentral Coast MarinersWanderers Football Park07:00PM07:00PM
7Saturday,  9 December 2023Adelaide UnitedWestern United FCTBC03:30PM04:00PM
7Saturday,  9 December 2023Melbourne City  FCPerth GloryCity Football Academy04:00PM04:00PM
7Sunday, 10 December 2023Wellington PhoenixMelbourne VictoryTBC04:00PM02:00PM
7Sunday, 10 December 2023Canberra UnitedBrisbane Roar FCMcKellar Park04:00PM04:00PM
7Sunday, 10 December 2023Newcastle JetsSydney FCTBC04:00PM04:00PM
8Friday, 15 December 2023Central Coast MarinersMelbourne City FCIndustree Group Stadium07:00PM07:00PM
8Saturday, 16 December 2023Melbourne VictoryCanberra United FCAAMI Park05:00PM05:00PM
8Saturday, 16 December 2023Adelaide UnitedWellington PhoenixTBC05:00PM05:30PM
8Sunday, 17 December 2023Newcastle JetsWestern United FCTBC05:00PM05:00PM
8Sunday, 17 December 2023Brisbane Roar FCWestern Sydney Wanderers FCPerry Park05:00PM06:00PM
8Sunday, 17 December 2023Perth GlorySydney FCMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
9Friday, 22 December 2023Western United FCPerth GloryTBC07:00PM07:00PM
9Friday, 22 December 2023Sydney FCBrisbane Roar FCLeichhardt Oval 07:00PM07:00PM
9Saturday, 23 December 2023Canberra UnitedCentral Coast MarinersMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
9Saturday, 23 December 2023Melbourne City  FCMelbourne VictoryAAMI Park05:00PM05:00PM
9Saturday, 23 December 2023Western Sydney Wanderers FCAdelaide UnitedWanderers Football Park06:00PM06:00PM
9Saturday, 23 December 2023Wellington PhoenixNewcastle JetsSky Stadium08:15PM06:15PM
10Thursday, 28 December 2023Melbourne City  FCBrisbane Roar FCAAMI Park05:00PM05:00PM
10Friday, 29 December 2023Sydney FCWellington PhoenixAllianz Stadium05:00PM05:00PM
10Saturday, 30 December 2023Canberra UnitedWestern United FCMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
10Saturday, 30 December 2023Western Sydney Wanderers FCMelbourne VictoryWanderers Football Park06:00PM06:00PM
10Sunday, 31 December 2023Central Coast MarinersPerth GloryIndustree Group Stadium04:15PM04:15PM
10Sunday, 31 December 2023Newcastle JetsAdelaide UnitedTBC05:00PM05:00PM
11Friday,  5 January 2024Adelaide UnitedMelbourne City FCTBC06:30PM07:00PM
11Saturday,  6 January 2024Newcastle JetsCanberra United FCTBC05:00PM05:00PM
11Saturday,  6 January 2024Melbourne VictoryWestern United FCTBC06:00PM06:00PM
11Sunday,  7 January 2024Central Coast MarinersSydney FCIndustree Group Stadium06:00PM06:00PM
11Sunday,  7 January 2024Brisbane Roar FCWellington PhoenixPerry Park05:00PM06:00PM
11Sunday,  7 January 2024Perth GloryWestern Sydney Wanderers FCMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
12Saturday, 13 January 2024Wellington PhoenixCentral Coast MarinersTBC05:00PM03:00PM
12Saturday, 13 January 2024Canberra UnitedAdelaide UnitedMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
12Saturday, 13 January 2024Western United FCSydney FCTBC06:00PM06:00PM
12Sunday, 14 January 2024Melbourne VictoryPerth GloryTBC05:00PM05:00PM
12Sunday, 14 January 2024Brisbane Roar FCNewcastle JetsPerry Park05:00PM06:00PM
12Sunday, 14 January 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCMelbourne CityFCWanderers Football Park06:00PM06:00PM
13Saturday, 20 January 2024Melbourne City  FCWellington PhoenixCity Football Academy05:00PM05:00PM
13Saturday, 20 January 2024Central Coast MarinersWestern Sydney Wanderers FCIndustree Group Stadium06:00PM06:00PM
13Saturday, 20 January 2024Perth GloryBrisbane Roar FCMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
13Sunday, 21 January 2024Canberra UnitedMelbourne VictoryMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
13Sunday, 21 January 2024Western United FCAdelaide UnitedTBC06:00PM06:00PM
13Sunday, 21 January 2024Sydney FCNewcastle JetsLeichhardt Oval 06:00PM06:00PM
14Friday, 26 January 2024Melbourne VictorySydney FCAAMI Park05:00PM05:00PM
14Saturday, 27 January 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCBrisbane Roar FC Wanderers Football Park05:00PM05:00PM
14Saturday, 27 January 2024Adelaide UnitedPerth GloryTBC05:30PM06:00PM
14Sunday, 28 January 2024Wellington PhoenixCanberra UnitedTBC05:00PM03:00PM
14Sunday, 28 January 2024Melbourne City  FCWestern United FCCity Football Academy05:00PM05:00PM
14Sunday, 28 January 2024Newcastle JetsCentral Coast MarinersTBC05:00PM05:00PM
15Saturday,  3 February 2024Adelaide UnitedWestern Sydney Wanderers FCCoopers Stadium04:30PM05:00PM
15Saturday,  3 February 2024Brisbane Roar FCMelbourne VictoryPerry Park05:00PM06:00PM
15Saturday,  3 February 2024Sydney FCPerth GloryLeichhardt Oval 06:00PM06:00PM
15Sunday,  4 February 2024Canberra UnitedMelbourne City FCMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
15Sunday,  4 February 2024Newcastle JetsWellington PhoenixTBC05:00PM05:00PM
15Sunday,  4 February 2024Central Coast MarinersWestern United FCIndustree Group Stadium06:00PM06:00PM
16Friday,  9 February 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCNewcastle JetsWanderers Football Park07:00PM07:00PM
16Saturday, 10 February 2024Central Coast MarinersMelbourne Victory WomenIndustree Group Stadium05:00PM05:00PM
16Saturday, 10 February 2024Western United FCBrisbane Roar FCTBC06:00PM06:00PM
16Saturday, 10 February 2024Perth GloryCanberra UnitedMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
16Sunday, 11 February 2024Wellington PhoenixAdelaide UnitedTBC05:00PM03:00PM
16Sunday, 11 February 2024Melbourne City  FCSydney FCCity Football Academy05:00PM05:00PM
17Friday, 16 February 2024Melbourne VictoryWestern Sydney Wanderers FCTBC07:00PM07:00PM
17Saturday, 17 February 2024Newcastle JetsBrisbane Roar FCTBC05:00PM05:00PM
17Saturday, 17 February 2024Canberra UnitedSydney FCMcKellar Park05:00PM05:00PM
17Sunday, 18 February 2024Melbourne City  FCAdelaide UnitedCity Football Academy05:00PM05:00PM
17Sunday, 18 February 2024Western United FCWellington PhoenixTBC06:00PM06:00PM
17Sunday, 18 February 2024Perth GloryCentral Coast MarinersMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
18Friday,  1 March 2024Western United FCCanberra UnitedTBC07:00PM07:00PM
18Saturday,  2 March 2024Central Coast MarinersAdelaide UnitedIndustree Group Stadium03:15PM03:15PM
18Saturday,  2 March 2024Brisbane Roar FCMelbourne City FCPerry Park03:00PM04:00PM
18Saturday,  2 March 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCSydney FCCommBank Stadium05:00PM05:00PM
18Sunday,  3 March 2024Melbourne VictoryWellington PhoenixTBC02:00PM02:00PM
18Sunday,  3 March 2024Newcastle JetsPerth GloryTBC04:00PM04:00PM
19Friday,  8 March 2024Perth GloryWellington PhoenixMacedonia Park07:00PM10:00PM
19Saturday,  9 March 2024Sydney FCWestern United FCLeichhardt Oval 02:00PM02:00PM
19Saturday,  9 March 2024Brisbane Roar FCCentral Coast MarinersBallymore Stadium03:00PM04:00PM
19Saturday,  9 March 2024Canberra UnitedWestern Sydney Wanderers FCMcKellar Park04:00PM04:00PM
19Saturday,  9 March 2024Adelaide UnitedMelbourne VictoryCoopers Stadium04:30PM05:00PM
19Sunday, 10 March 2024Melbourne City  FCNewcastle Jets WomenCity Football Academy04:00PM04:00PM
20Friday, 15 March 2024Adelaide UnitedBrisbane Roar FCTBC06:30PM07:00PM
20Saturday, 16 March 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCPerth GloryWanderers Football Park04:00PM04:00PM
20Sunday, 17 March 2024Wellington PhoenixSydney FCTBC04:00PM02:00PM
20Sunday, 17 March 2024Melbourne VictoryMelbourne City FCTBC02:00PM02:00PM
20Sunday, 17 March 2024Central Coast MarinersCanberra UnitedIndustree Group Stadium02:15PM02:15PM
20Sunday, 17 March 2024Western United FCNewcastle JetsTBC04:00PM04:00PM
21Saturday, 23 March 2024Melbourne City  FCCentral Coast MarinersCity Football Academy04:00PM04:00PM
21Saturday, 23 March 2024Newcastle JetsMelbourne VictoryTBC04:00PM04:00PM
21Saturday, 23 March 2024Western Sydney Wanderers FCWestern United FCWanderers Football Park06:00PM06:00PM
21Sunday, 24 March 2024Canberra UnitedWellington PhoenixMcKellar Park02:00PM02:00PM
21Sunday, 24 March 2024Sydney FCAdelaide UnitedLeichhardt Oval 04:00PM04:00PM
21Sunday, 24 March 2024Brisbane Roar FCPerth GloryPerry Park03:00PM04:00PM
22Saturday, 30 March 2024Wellington PhoenixWestern Sydney Wanderers FCTBC04:00PM02:00PM
22Saturday, 30 March 2024Brisbane Roar FCCanberra United FCPerry Park03:00PM04:00PM
22Saturday, 30 March 2024Western United FCCentral Coast MarinersTBC04:00PM04:00PM
22Sunday, 31 March 2024Sydney FCMelbourne VictoryLeichhardt Oval 04:00PM04:00PM
22Sunday, 31 March 2024Adelaide UnitedNewcastle JetsTBC03:30PM04:00PM
22Sunday, 31 March 2024Perth GloryMelbourne City FCMacedonia Park04:00PM07:00PM