Who’s Who in the W – Sam Kerr

Cool, calm and collected teenager Samantha Kerr first started playing football at age 12

Cool, calm and collected teenager Samantha Kerr first started playing football at age 12 as she was no longer able to play AFL. Only 3 years of football it took for her to be recognised as a future prodigy for the women-s game in Australia.

She burst onto the Westfield Matildas scene as a promising 15 year old. Since making her debut in 2009, she has become one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the Westfield Matildas Squad.

Sammie, now 17, has just completed her Year 12 certificate. There have been multiple trips away where Sammie alongside Teigen Allen would bring school work with them and at times they would happily oblige, more often than not we would have to separate them and maintain a watchful eye.

We would get home from a trip away and I would find no greater satisfaction than hearing how impressed or what grade they earned for their assignment from their teacher. The girls don-t necessarily enjoy this aspect of the trip however deep down they do realise the importance of education. We remind them 🙂

Sammie-s favourite thing about being in the Westfield W-League is the opportunity to play all of her friends. This weekend she will take on some of her best mates within the footballing world. Fellow teenagers and Sydney FC players, Teigen Allen, Nicola Bolger and Caitlin Foord. Concentrate on the game girls!!! Gossip afterwards

The greatest thing about Sammie is that the word age is not a concern, she belongs in the Westfield Matildas, her lack of age and experience is combated by her resilience, willingness to learn and enthusiasm.

She has this amazing charisma that infiltrates the team. An gorgeous yet cheeky grin just makes you smile every time, no matter what ‘teenage-comment she has just made. Quite frankly I-m glad the Sam Kerr-s and Teigan Allen-s exist in the Westfield Matildas fold. They are a nice reminder to us all that life mustn-t be taken too seriously. There are lessons to be learnt from everyone.

As she grows into an adult, she will perform and achieve great things in the Westfield W-League and Westfield Matildas but more importantly, as an individual. Something I can relate to as to my experience as a young and upcoming Westfield Matilda were the expectations created when you begin so young.

In which I did not deal with all that well. My advice to you Sammie, don-t let these expectations hinder your ability to just play and enjoy. Let go of the expectations people have for you. Continue to play with the (finesse) and passion you naturally possess.

Since making her debut Sammie has featured in 9 matches for the Westfield Matildas including starting the AFC Women-s Asian Cup 2010 Final in China where she expertly scored Australia-s goal helping them secure Australia-s first ever prominent piece of international silverware. Recently the Matildas toured Germany where Sammie scored against the World Champions in the famous Wolfsburg Arena.

Sammie is a new breed of young talent for football in this country.

Girls FC thoroughly enjoyed profiling the young and up and coming superstar.

Keep enjoying all things Sammie.