Who’s Who in the W – Kate Gill

Kate Gill is one of the top women’s footballers in Australia and her extraordinary scoring record…

New Zealand born and appropriately nicknamed ‘Lady Jesus- of the Perth Glory, newly crowned AFC player of the year, Katie Gill has appeared 65 times for the Matildas and scored an extraordinary 32 goals for her country.

Her efforts this year has seen her achieve great things both with her club team in Sweden, Malmo and the Westfield Matildas. A league title with Malmo earlier this year has capped off a successful third year in the Swedish League.

Katie has returned home to be with her family and play with Perth Glory to continue with her impressive form in the 2010/11 Westfield W-League season. Although Perth has not had the best start to the season they will look to finish strong and hopefully in the top 4 for the finals.

In Girls FC-s eyes Katie epitomises the following 3 P-s: Perseverance, Persistence and Professionalism. Amongst all the Westfield Matildas in the current set-up, Gilly has spent the most time overseas. Her professionalism in approaching training sessions and games is something that really stands out. She emits a certain aura and influence over the team.

For 6-8 months of the year Gilly is out of Australia. When she returns to a Westfield Matildas camp, along with our other overseas players, the likes of Heather Garriock and Sarah Walsh, they are able to lift the intensity of a session on their own. A unique quality they possess.

Katie is a very colourful character. Apart from her football she is studying a Bachelor of Psychology and maintains her studies whilst overseas in Sweden. She now speaks Swedish fluently as a result of submerging herself in the culture and happenings of the Swedish lifestyle. Katie is highly intelligent and her opinion on matters of all things worldly is highly respected within the Westfield Matildas fold.

Gilly has not relied upon anyone in achieving her goals in her career so far. As much as football is a team sport she has completed many hours of practice away from regular squad sessions. Katie’s main attributes as a striker include her strength on the ball and composure when in possession.

According to Collette McCallum, fellow Westfield Matilda and Perth Glory team-mate, “Any time she gets the opportunity she will more than likely score, she is so dangerous in the air- Katie brings a good balance to the team alongside Sammie Kerr…”

Collette also believes that playing overseas has helped her progression as a footballer. “She has definitely improved the last couple of years, big time. She is a very, very, focused athlete.” It-s not only out on the pitch, she works hard off it as well, “…her nutrition, how hard she works at gym, she is so focused and it is really quite inspiring”.

Katie has spent hours upon hours of practice heading the ball at goal. Her persistence in paving her own way has been remarkable to see.

Recently as a result of winning the AFC Female player of the year FIFA beat girls FC to it and profiled the impressive female footballer! If you get a chance, check it out at FIFA.com and watch out for Katie strut her stuff on the field next time Perth Glory play near you.