Who’s Who in W—Hoshimi Kishi

Brisbane Roar had a new reserve goalkeeper this season, who stepped up and starred when Casey Dumont was unavailable to play. Girls FC found out a little more about Hoshimi Kishi, who hails from Japan’s smallest town…

Which part of Japan are you from? Can you tell us a little about it?

My home town is Tottori, a small town in the west of Japan, and it has the smallest population in all of Japan.

How did you get into football?

I started playing with my friends during school lunch breaks.

Japan are the reigning world champions. How does it feel? Where did you watch the final?

My friends played in the match so I was glad Japan won, but a bit regretful because I wanted to play too. I watched the game on TV in Japan.

You-re perhaps not the tallest keeper. What made you choose that position and what tactics/techniques do you use to tackle the height difference?

When I was about 10 years old I played keeper because I was interested in the position and also no one else wanted to play it, and I was awarded the MVP for that match. I then decided to play keeper full time.

Also I don’t think of myself as not being a tall keeper (in Japan I am not small). I have had good training in goal keeping both here and in Japan and use these tactics/techniques during my games.

What inspired you to come to Australia?

It was my dream to play overseas, in either Australia or America. Also, I wanted the experience of playing against taller and more physical/stronger players.

How did you get involved with Brisbane Roar?

My agent, Taro Urabe, suggested I try out for Brisbane Roar. I am so glad I did.

A couple of players and fans can speak a little bit (emphasis on little, at least in our case 🙂 of Japanese. Have you had many conversations in Japanese/confusing/funny moments?

I am happy to hear a little (emphasis on little 🙂 of the Japanese language from my Aussie friends. Not speaking English fluently has caused me a few confusing and/or funny moments, but my team mates are getting very good at explaining things to me if I don’t understand fully.

Your first game for Brisbane was when Casey Dumont received a straight red and you had to immediately take a penalty (and then another one soon after). How was that?

It was a bit daunting facing a penalty as soon as I came on and I was quite nervous for the first few minutes. I did settle down, but didn’t like having to face another penalty so soon after the first one. I got angry at myself for letting the second one through because I wanted to save the goal and win the match.

You had a blinder of a game for Brisbane in Round 12. How is it to have to put on the gloves for the crunch matches?

I really enjoyed playing the whole game in Round 12 in front of the home crowd. I could feel their support and I think I played well in that game. I also had great support and encouragement from my team during this game and we wanted to win this match as it was the last before the semi finals.

You-ve been travelling with the team—have you had a chance to see much of Australia? If so, impressions so far?

Haven’t seen much of Australia when travelling—mainly through bus or plane windows—but have thoroughly enjoyed it all. My team mates are quick to point out landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and some handsome Australians. I love being in Australia and will miss it when I leave. I love the beaches and had a go at surfing on the Gold Coast and even though I had a great time surfing, I think I will stick to football…

Any chance we-ll see you for the 2012/13 season?

I had a great soccer season with the Westfield W-League and I would love to come back, but who knows what the future will bring…