Who’s Who in the W – Elise Kellond-Knight

Girls FC caught up with 20-year-old Elise Kellond-Knight from Brisbane Roar

For this week-s Who-s Who in W, Girls FC caught up with 20-year-old Elise Kellond-Knight from Brisbane Roar and the Westfield Matildas. KK, as she is known by most, is a player to keep your eye on. Her poise and confidence on the ball leaves those playing alongside her with an extra sense of reassurance.

Her dominance in past performances in the left-back position has seen her win the inaugural Westfield W-League championship with Brisbane Roar and the 2010 AFC Women-s Asian Cup with the Westfield Matildas.

Give the girl a chance and she will be out surfing the waves of the ‘Golden- Coast where she resides with her family. KK is studying Pharmaceutical Science at Griffith University.

Her course has a strong practical component and she needs to be present at uni more often than not. This year the demands on each player vying for a World Cup position may cause KK to temporarily defer her course or reduce her subject load.

Girls FC just couldn-t wait to chat with the charismatic young footballer and provide you with an insight as to what makes the Queenslander tick.

• What-s the best thing about being in the Westfield W-League? Playing regular games to develop as a player.
• What are the most important skills to possess to be good in your position on the field? Accurate passing, good decision-making and positioning skills.
• What-s the strangest food/drink you-ve consumed or thing you-ve done to improve your fitness? Nothing beats hard work!!!
• How did you get into football? How old were you? I was four. Dad noticed I could kick a ball when I was at my brother-s football training.
• What does your typical day involve? Morning surf or morning gym depending on the day of the week, uni lectures and labs, and then football training in the afternoon.
• Do you have any match rituals to get rid of nerves and pump yourself up? Good tunes.
• What do you think your best skill is? What makes you a pro? Technique and discipline.
• What-s your number one goal for the year? To win the Westfield W-League.
• What-s been your worst injury? Ruptured ankle ligaments.
• Favourite thing to eat after in training? Yoghurt.
• Favourite ‘treat- to eat? Caramel.
• Favourite all-time meal? Butter chicken.
• What does a typical Saturday look like? Surfing, studying, watching football.
• Favourite Qantas Socceroo and why? Jason Culina. He is so sharp and consistent.
• Favourite Westfield Matilda and why? Collette McCallum. She is always one step ahead of everyone else.
• Who-s your best friend on the field? Tameka Butt.
• What-s the most fun thing about playing football? Traveling and having constant challenges.
• What is the most interesting location football has taken you to and why? Europe—Italy and Germany.
• What would you do if you weren-t a footballer? Have a university degree!
• What advice would you give a 10-year-old aspiring footballer? Be dedicated but don-t forget to have fun. When you-re not training, someone else is.
• On a personal/emotional level, what has football taught you about being a great person? To be successful, you have to be committed.
• Favourite thing to wear (off the field)? Bikini.
• Favourite musician/band/song? Death Cab for Cutie.
• What is your career/study outside football? Studying a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science.
• What-s your best training tip/drill? Juggle. Get as many touches on the ball as you can.
• Do you have a Football idol? Harry Kewell.
• What do you do to relax? Surf.
• Favorite Sandwich: Gourmet Turkish bread with ham.
• Favorite Animal/Pet: My Golden Retriever.
• Hobbies: Surfing, windsurfing.

It was our pleasure to speak to you KK. Keep smiling that wonderful smile and creating a positive impact on those around you!