Wanderers issue apology following Sydney Derby incident

Western Sydney Wanderers have finalised their review relating to events that took place off the field last weekend and the Club’s Chairman Paul Lederer has made the following statement.

“Unfortunately the events of the last week have overshadowed what we should be celebrating as a fantastic event between Sydney’s two A-League teams,” said Mr Lederer.

“It is with great disappointment that the actions of a minority have prompted fairly stern action to be taken by the Club this week to eradicate anti-social behaviour. 

“On behalf of the Western Sydney Wanderers, we apologise to Graham Arnold and his family and to all others who have been offended by the abhorrent actions of a few who are now no longer part of our Club.

“We urge everyone now to come together and celebrate the great event that the Sydney Derby has become and to attend future A-League matches in the right sporting spirit.”