Sydney FC’s Sounds of Summer

​After Glen Moss revealed the Phoenix dressing room is like a rave at 4am, Bernie Ibini of Sydney FC shares the artists that gets him pumped before a game.

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Bernie, how important is music to you?

Music is very important, I’d say. I like to listen to my favourite music before a game. 

It helps me not focus too much on the game and helps me relax. I’m also someone who likes to dance around so it’s very important.

What music/artist gets you pumped during the Hyundai A-League season?

My favourite artists would be Chris Brown, YG and Future and I like RnB, hip-hop and a bit of old skool as well.

Ibini playlist.

Why is this is your favourite soundtrack for Summer?

They just produce really good songs which sound good and I like them.

Apart from you, who has the best taste in music at your club? Worst?

Our keeper Vedran Janjetovic has the best taste because he has the same taste in music as me. 

I wouldn’t say anyone has really bad taste, I just tend to listen to my own stuff.

Which headphones do you favour?

Beats by Dre

Bernie Ibini and Graham Arnold at Sydney FC training during the 2014/15 season.