Signing news: Every Westfield W-League In for the 2019/20 Season

The Westfield W-League Season 2019/20 is well and truly under way.

You can find all of the off-season signings for each of the nine clubs below.

This list is as of November 20, 4pm AEDT.

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Adelaide United


Emily Condon Story 
Georgia Campagnale Story 
Chelsie Dawber Story 
Emily Hodgson Story 
Mary Fowler Story
Ciara Fowler Story 
Sarah Willacy  Story 
Laura Johns Story 
Dylan Holmes Story 
Kahlia Hogg Story 
Charlotte Grant Story 
Isabel Hodgson Story
Mallory Weber Story
Amber Brooks Story
Julia Ashley Story 
Lais Araujo Story

FIXTURES: Adelaide United’s 2019/20 Season Draw

Mary Fowler has signed for Adelaide United, alongside sister Ciara

Brisbane Roar


Katrina Gorry Story
Mackenzie Arnold Story
Tameka Yallop Story
Leah Davidson Story
Indiah-Paige Riley Story
Hollie Palmer Story
Kaitlyn Torpey Story
Georgina Worth Story
Allira Toby Story 
Natalie Tathem Story 
Clare Polkinghorne Story
Elise Kellond-Knight Story
Rylee Baisden Story 
Claire Farrington Story 
Hayley Raso Story
Carson Pickett Story
Isobel Dalton Story 
Celeste Boureille Story

FIXTURES: Brisbane Roar’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Canberra United


Karly Roestbakken Story
Elise Thorsnes Story
Nikola Orgill Story
Shamiran Khamis Story
Annalee Grove Story
Taren King Story 
Olivia Price Story 
Laura Hughes Story
Hayley Taylor-Young Story
Jessie Rasschaert Story
Leena Khamis Story
Katie Stengel Story 
Simone Charley Story
Patricia Charalambous Story
Emma Stanbury Story
Ashlie Crofts Story
Rebekah Horsey Story
Kaleigh Kurtz Story

FIXTURES: Canberra United’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Karly Roestbakken

Melbourne City


Emma Checker Story
Emily van Egmond Story 
Kyah Simon Story
Melissa Barbieri Story
Nia Stamatopoulos Story
Rhali Dobson Story
Tyla-Jay Vlajnic Story
Ellie Carpenter Story 
Lydia Williams Story
Lauren Barnes Story
Yukari Kinga Story
Steph Catley Story
Claire Emslie Story 
Milica Mijatović Story
Aivi Luik Story
Rebekah Stott Story

FIXTURES: Melbourne City’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Kyah SImon

Melbourne Victory


Jenna McCormick Story
Angela Beard Story
Laura Brock Story
Casey Dumont Story
Natasha Dowie Story
Melissa Maizels Story
Annalie Longo Story
Teigen Allen Story
Alexandra Gummer Story
Lia Privitelli Story
Melina Ayres Story
Grace Maher Story
Amy Jackson Story
Rosie Sutton Story
Polly Doran Story
Emma Robers Story
Haley Hanson Story
Darian Jenkins Story
Emily Menges Story

FIXTURES: Melbourne Victory’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Westfield W-League 2019/20 Season Draw Thin Banner

Newcastle Jets


Claire Coelho Story
Hannah Brewer Story
Cassidy Davis Story
Gema Simon Story
Tessa Tamplin Story
Larissa Crummer Story
Libby Copus-Brown Story
Paige Kingston-Hogg Story
Sophie Nenadovic Story
Clare Wheeler Story
Tara Andrews Story
Teigan Collister Story
Jenna Kingsley Story
Pana Petratos Story
Renee Pountney Story
Nicki Flannery Story 
Annabel Martin Story 
Lauren Allan Story 
Nicole Simonsen Story 

FIXTURES: Newcastle Jets’ 2019/20 Season Draw 

Newcastle Jets 2019/20 Season Draw has been released

Perth Glory


Morgan Aquino Story
Eliza Campbell Story
Kim Carroll Story
Sarah Carroll Story
Caitlin Doeglas Story
Jamie-Lee Gale Story
Shannon May Story
Lexie Moreno Story
Leticia McKenna Story
Jenna Onions Story
Natasha Rigby Story
Celia Jimenez Delgado Story
Morgan Andrews Story
Crystal Thomas Story
Arianna Romero Story

FIXTURES: Perth Glory’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Eliza Campbell throws the ball

Sydney FC


Alanna Kennedy Story
Ally Green Story
Amy Sayer Story
Angelique Hristodoulou Story
Aubrey Bledsoe Story
Caitlin Foord Story
Chloe Logarzo Story
Ellie Brush Story
Elizabeth Ralston Story
Mackenzie Hawkesby Story
Natalie Tobin Story
Princess Ibini Story
Remy Siemsen Story
Sofia Huerta Story
Shadeene Evans Story
Taylor Ray Story
Teresa Polias Story
Trudy Burke Story
Veronica Latsko Story

FIXTURES: Sydney FC’s 2019/20 Season Draw 

Chloe Logarzo

Western Sydney Wanderers


Jada Whyman Story
Courtney Nevin Story
Susan Phonsongkham Story
Alex Huynh Story 
Alix Roberts Story 
Amy Harrison Story 
Sam Staab Story 
Lynn Williams Story
Kristen Hamilton Story
Denise O’Sullivan Story
Liana Danaskos Story
Erica Halloway Story
Kyra Cooney-Cross Story
Cortnee Vine Story
Vesna Milivojevic Story
Abby Smith Story 


FIXTURES: Western Sydney Wanderers’ 2019/20 Season Draw 

Whyman Nevin