Play Football stories: Alex Brosque

Sydney FC skipper Alex Brosque has played all over the world throughout his stellar career – he discusses what inspired him to #PlayFootball.

This week’s round of Hyundai A-League action will celebrate the contribution made to our game by grassroots clubs, coaches, players and officials while encouraging young people to head down to their local clubs and give our great game a try.

Which was the first club you played for?

The very first club I played for was Wilcombe Sports, it was a South American based club and I actually started out as a goalkeeper but I was too small. And then I joined Smithfield at Under 6’s.

Who was your first coach?

I had my old man as coach for a few years in my junior days. My dad was coach and it was good because it pretty much guaranteed that I’d make the team and he’s obviously had a lot of influence on me. I’ve had a lot of other junior coaches as well that helped. Junior Coaches are what give the kids good pathways and they’re very important at that age as they help shape a player.

Which was the biggest local rivalry?

I can’t remember the local rivalry at Smithfield too well but when I played at Fairfield Athletic, they were a Uruguyan Club and we always used to have a big rivalry with Wetherhill Park.

What was your most outstanding achievement?

Funnily enough, the other day, my old man gave me a decent bag full of trophies from my younger days with Champions of Champions medals and things like that. I have a lot of good memories from my junior days and it’s hard to pinpoint any one in particular. At that age you’re playing for fun and if you can win things as well then it’s always a bit more enjoyable.

What advice do you have for young players looking to get involved?

Football is a very enjoyable game and at that age you should play it for enjoyment more than anything else. All I can say is enjoy that game and believe in the values you learn from football. Even at my age the best part about playing football for me is being with a group of mates that you enjoy hanging around with.