Hyundai A-League clubs receive youth boost

FFA announces new youth player boost for clubs.

In a move that will enable Hyundai A-League clubs to boost their squad depths and improve youth development Football Federation Australia (FFA) have introduced new Player Contract Regulations that allow clubs to sign up to three (3) National Youth League (NYL) players to minimum wage contracts outside of the salary cap.

Clubs now have the ability to develop talented players with more certainty of retention with up to three players eligible to receive the improved contract while remaining on the NYL roster.

Both Hyundai A-League and NYL players will also benefit following minimum wage increases of 2.2 per cent to $45,990 for players over 21 and $37,129.26 for players under 21.

A seven (7) day notice period has also been put in place in which clubs will have the opportunity to make an offer to an NYL player on their roster before another club can sign the player to a Hyundai A-League contract.

The improvements see a marked rise in the professionalism of the National Youth League and further advances the career paths and viability of young Australian footballers.

“This change gives clubs the opportunity to hold onto and develop their most talented young players, ” FFA National Technical Han Berger.

“It is important to see more young players performing in the Hyundai A-League.

“We believe these changes are very necessary for clubs to have more certainty on the professional progress of their players and gives clubs the opportunity to fast track their development with improved financial stability giving young players more time to train with the first team.”

The new Player Contract Regulations follow this week-s announcement that clubs will now have the chance to sign an Australian Marquee Player outside of the salary cap.

The Junior Marquee Player system will remain in place with Hyundai A-League clubs able to sign up to three (3) under-23 players to their Hyundai A-League roster with a combined $150,000 total that sits outside of the salary cap.