“How I signed up 22 A-League club members”

When Central Coast fan Chris Peers says he enjoys getting out to Mariners games with a big group of friends, he isn’t kidding. And he might just be the Hyundai A-League’s most enthusiastic marketer.

The father of three (pictured above left) has shown his support for the club by signing up as a Mariners member for the upcoming season – and he convinced 22 others to do the same!

It’s a feat few fans across the league could match.

“Becoming Gold seat members was an easy decision for my family,” Chris told www.a-league.com.au.

“Our boys (Riley five, Liam seven and Callum eight) play for Terrigal FC, as well as the children from the other families that have joined membership with the Mariners.

“I asked a few of them to join as a group seating and next thing I knew, I had 12 adults and 11 kids to find seats for.

“We think the Central Coast has a fantastic stadium and know the Mariners will make the region proud again this year.”

Chris said his family and friends love having a local team to support in the Hyundai A-League and the whole experience of getting out to home matches and cheering for the yellow and blue.

“We were fortunate to attend Bluetongue Stadium last season to witness some of the Mariners home games and also the Asian (Champions League) games,” he said.

“Our highlight was the Mariners-Wanderers game just before the finals, the atmosphere was fantastic and we won as well.”

Chris deserves the plaudits for what he’s done as clubs across the Hyundai A-League continue to sell memberships at a healthy rate before the new season.

Already over 70,000 memberships have been sold across the nation ahead of season 10.

And thanks to people like Chris, that number continues to grow each season.

He added: “We love living on the Central Coast, love our soccer and also having our home team to support.”

Central Coast Mariners memberships for the upcoming Hyundai A-League season are now on sale. Be more than a fan, become a member. Click here for more information and to sign up today.