Footballer’s Style – Hayley Crawford

ABC TV’s commentary team put some questions to Newcastle Jets number 10, Hayley Crawford, about the Westfield W-League season ahead and what it’s like being a Footballer with Style.

ABC TV’s commentary team put some questions to Newcastle Jets number 10, Hayley Crawford, about the Westfield W-League season ahead and what it-s like being a Footballer with Style.

Name: Hayley Crawford

Age: 25

Playing Number: 10

Nickname: H, I think it’s easier and quicker to get out than Hayley

When did you start playing football?
I started playing football at age 10 because my uncle wanted me to play and so I could mix it with the boys at lunch time.

Playing position?
Centre Midfield; I haven-t always played there, I actually first played for the Westfield Matildas as a striker. They do say the older you get the further back the park you go.

Caps for Australia?
Nine for the Westfield Matildas

Junior club?
Garden Suburbs Soccer club “Mighty Kingfishers”

What do you love most about Newcastle?
The relaxed lifestyle and beautiful beaches. There-s no traffic and parking is everywhere!

One thing fans wouldn-t know about you but should?
I’m petrified of spiders, like I-ll run away screaming!

Name one player in your team we should watch out for this year:
Gema Simon; this girl can beat anyone for pace and hit a ball when she wants to.

Who-s the toughest opponent you-ve played?
Di Alagich; always so strong in defence and never ever gives up. The Westfield Matildas will definitely miss her.

Who-s your footballing idol?
Vince Grella; the hard man of football he is a workhorse and a natural competitor.

Favourite football team?
Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur, Barca for the way they play and I think Tottenham because I feel sorry for them!

Favourite footballing moment?
Scoring the first goal for Australia at the inaugural U19 FIFA World Cup, pretty good goal too with my left foot.

Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
I always have to eat banana on toast for pre-match, I have always done this since a young age and will continue to do so.

What-s the best goal celebration you-ve seen?
Karla Reuter when she scored against Brazil in for the U19s we all tried to catch her to celebrate with her but she was like lightening up the field, I’ll never forget it.

What goal celebration can we expect to see from you this year when you score?
A triple back flip! Nah probably a screaming run to the corner flag aka Tim Cahill.

Who will your club play in the Westfield W-League Grand Final this year?
Sydney, I think they will bounce back this year and have a strong season and the rivalry between Newcastle and Sydney will get us over the line on the day.

What was it like being part of the photo shoot?
Intense, I likened it to Zoolander at the marketing shoot and now have a new sense of appreciation for models. It was long and painful on the body. I kept getting cramps from holding my legs up in the one position. But on a positive note it was lots of fun and the end result looks great and I think will help the promotion of the game.

Last concert you went to?
Pink in Sydney in June, I think the whole of Australia went also! Australians definitely love her.

Favourite song on your iPod?
‘The Best Thing – by Hook N Sling – It gets me pumped for the games.

First record or CD you ever bought?
Kokomo by the Beach Boys. I even think it was a record, I remember buying it with money I got for my 6th birthday off mum.

Last movie you saw in the cinema?
My Sister’s Keeper or as I call it “My Sister’s Weeper”, do not make the same mistake as me! Wait until it-s out on DVD. It-s a major tear jerker and I was highly embarrassed to be bawling so uncontrollably in the cinema so eventually I started laughing which made it more awkward as people thought I was heartless!

City you-d most live to live in?
I’ve lived in a few places and to be honest Newcastle is paradise! Ask any proud Novocastrian.

If you could be any other female sports star in the world who would it be?
Steph Gilmore (Australian pro-surfer), born competitor with a pretty fun sport to be involved with, who wouldn-t want an endless summer?

If you could be any other female celebrity in the world who would it be?
Jennifer Hawkins, who wouldn-t want to look like that.

Celebrity crush?
Jarryd Hayne, I’m a proud Parramatta supporter and the guy is an absolute freak of a talent.

Favourite store at Westfield?
Probably General Pants, I love Nudie Jeans and always find an excuse to go in there and have a look at the new ones out.

Favourite Restaurant?
It’s not really a restaurant as such but more a café which is my local, ‘The Last Drop-, they have the best healthy wraps/salads/Turkish breads and great coffee which is essential. I don-t even have to order anymore which is good I just grab the paper and take a seat outside and they bring my food over. Thanks Monique and the girls!!

Your last holiday?
Went to Melbourne for Easter, did some killer shopping, relaxed down at St Kilda and as always enjoyed dining out. Highly recommend eating at Neil Perry-s Rockpool Bar and Grill on the Yarra if you ever go.

If you won lotto, what-s the first thing you-d buy?
Oh, it depends on how much I won but definitely a black Audi A5 and a house with a big balcony overlooking the beach.

Would you make a better contestant on Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance?
Neither! Ask my mates they say I’m tone deaf and only sing the parts of the song I actually know the words to (or think I do) really loudly, so I-d have to go with SYTYCD and I-d do the Nutbush – that way I have the moves down pat.

Your star sign is Aries. Typically, they are impulsive, competitive and quick-tempered. Does that accurately describe you?
Ha ha, maybe not the impulsive bit but definitely competitive probably to the point where it’s annoying to some and yeah I can be quick tempered… What’s wrong with that?

What do you do outside football?
Study, I feel like Van Wilder the professional student. I’ve been at uni so long trying to finish my teaching degree but everyone tells me not to rush it and enjoy the journey so I am!

Do you have any pets?
2 dogs, Jess Minda and Pee Wee. Pee Wee is a three legged Maltese with white shaker dog syndrome.

Do you have any special talents outside of football?
I’m a killer reverse parker, think I missed my calling I should be a driving instructor.

Best piece of advice for girls wanting to start playing football?
You only get out what you put in, train harder than the others around you and definitely set yourselves goals to achieve!