Footballer’s Style – Collette McCallum

Perth Glory’s Collette McCallum recently sat down with ABC commentator and former Westfield Matilda Amy Taylor to tell us a little about what it’s like to be a Footballer With Style.

It’s been a busy “off-season” for Perth Glory’s Collette McCallum who recently won the inaugural Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) title with Sky Blue FC in the United States. Now back in Australia, Collette recently sat down with ABC commentator and former Westfield Matilda Amy Taylor to tell us a little about this experience and what it’s like to be a Footballer With Style.

Name: Collette McCallum

Age: 23

Playing Number: 14

Most of me friends call me Colly, not sure how I got it but it’s just shorter than Collette. Also one of the girls from Sky Blue in the WPS started calling me Scossie, because I’m Scottish and Aussie.

When did you start playing football?
I started when I was 5 in a boys’ team. I started kicking a ball when I was 2. My dad saw something in me and decided to put me into football.

Playing position?
Centre Midfield. I used to play left wing and still do at times but prefer centre mid now.

Caps for Australia: Westfield Matildas – 49

Junior club?
For me that would be Kingway Hammers. They were sponsored by West Ham United! The youth Development coach came over to scout players to go over to England. Out of 100 boys he only picked me but unfortunately I’m a girl so couldn’t go (laughs)

What do you love most about Perth?
The lifestyle here is great. I appreciate it so much when I come home because nowhere compares to Perth or even Australia. I think people take it for granted for what they have here.

One thing fans wouldn-t know about you but should?
When I was 2 years old I got a glass and smashed it on the ground. I had blood all over my face! I still have 2 scars from that.

One player in your team we should watch out for this year?
I don’t think I can pick one because all of them have different qualities they bring to the table. We have a few young talented players in WA so there will be plenty of them to watch out for.

Who-s the toughest opponent you-ve played?
I think a team would be Germany. Very strong and structured team to get behind.

Who-s your footballing idol?
My favourite two would be Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Giggs with his skill and ability to get past players down the wing. And Scholes, his vision and passing ability is the best in Europe.

Favourite football team?
Glasgow Celtic. I was brought up watching them.

Favourite footballing moment:
2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup – scoring the equaliser against Canada with a free kick.

What goal celebration can we expect to see from you this year when you score?
Well first I’ll need to score (laughs)

Who will your club play in the Westfield W-League grand final this year?
I would like to play either Sydney or Brisbane just because they have all the young and senior Westfield Matildas.

What was it like being part of the photo shoot?
It was a lot of fun to see what people that do it for a living have to cope with. It’s a nice feeling to see the final pictures up and around Perth. Most of my friends just have a laugh at which I’m fine with.

Favourite song on your iPod?
There is too many to decide!! I’ll just say Journey – Infinity. The only one I can think of at the moment.

First record or CD you ever bought?
I think it was Backstreet Boys or NSYNC – they were my two favourite boy bands then.

Last movie you saw in the cinema?
The Ugly Truth. I thought it was quite good. I love Gerard Butler!!!

City you-d most live to live in?
Other than Perth, Glasgow or L.A.

If you could be any other female sports star in the world, who would it be?
I don’t know what sports person but would be someone in tennis. I love playing tennis, and sometimes wish I’d stuck with it when I was younger.

Celebrity crush?
Hmmm, there is a few but I will say Shia LaBeouf, not sure exactly why though.

Favourite store at Westfield?
City Beach. Love all the summer clothes in there.

Your last overseas holiday?
Just finished it! I’d been playing in the WPS in the States so my sister came over and we spent a week in New York. It’s such a big city. I had been there since March and still hadn’t seen everything. After that we headed back to Scotland to see family. I have too many relatives that even three weeks there wasn’t enough to catch up with everyone.

If you won lotto, what-s the first thing you-d buy?
A house near the beach in Perth. I’m thinking of doing that soon anyway but winning lotto would be much better and easier!!

Would you make a better contestant on Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance?
I do like singing and dancing but would never try to attempt to go on either show. But if I had to pick one it would be So You Think You Can Dance because even if you stuff up you can quickly make up a wee dance up where as with singing you can’t get away with that!

Your star sign is Aries. Typically, they are impulsive, competitive and quick-tempered. Does that accurately describe you?
Yeah I think that does a little bit (laughs)

Do you have any pets?
Yeah I have a dog called Jinky. He is a Labrador! We got him when we were living in Sydney. My parents travelled back to Perth by car with him. It was a bit of an experience I heard.

What-s your favourite drink?
Would be Orange Juice and Irn Bru (a Scottish soft drink)

Best piece of advice for girls wanting to start playing football?
Just enjoy it and have fun learning the game. If you want to get further then you must keep working hard on the things you are not the best at. And have a positive mind set.