FFA plan marquee boost for Hyundai A-League

FFA will work with Hyundai A-League clubs in targeting marquee signings in what the national governing body predicts will be a more collaborative approach to bringing in big names to Australia.

FFA CEO David Gallop said at the launch of the FFA’s Strategic Plan 2016-19 that up till now the signing of marquees has generally been the prerogative of the clubs.

That will change with a more centralised approach where FFA and a club (s) work together to target star players.

“Of course it’s going to require funding and the big opportunity will come when we do a new TV deal [in 2017],” Gallop said on Tuesday. 

“But for next season we’ll look for a seven-figure investment into a marquee player or players. And as we know when a player comes in to a club he adds to box office success when his team is on the road.

“We’re talking about players who can really turn the dial. So everyone benefits but it has to be the right player.”

Football Federation CEO David Gallop.

Gallop explained there are added revenue opportunities next year around the Socceroos and the next round of qualification which will bring more money into the game.

“We’ll have a little more money to play with. But the real opportunity comes at the next TV deal rolls around, but we can’t wait and we’ve got to do something now.”

FFA release strategic plan for 2016-19

Gallop described the A-League as the “engine room of the game”.

“It’s the A-League where we’re going to get commercial growth. And it’s the A-League where we hope to start convert the sport into more of a top-down funded sport and less of a bottom-up funded sport.”

Gallop also vowed there’d be a re-brand of the Hyundai A-League from Season 13 to give it a new look and feel.