Discussions on expansion of football’s congress to continue

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has accepted a call from stakeholders to extend the time available for members of its Congress to discuss expansion of the sport’s representative body before bringing the matter to a vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Based on discussions to date, there is insufficient support by Congress members for any one model of expansion for it to pass at an EGM.

FFA and stakeholders including Member Federations, Hyundai A-League clubs and the players’ association, Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) have held various meetings over recent months on the make-up of an expanded Congress with a view to making changes by an FFA-nominated date of March 31. FIFA and AFC have been kept informed on each step of the process to date.

The current Congress comprises one representative from each of the nine member federations who represent the game in their region and a Hyundai A-League representative who speaks on behalf of the 10 Hyundai A-League clubs.  The Congress has the power to elect the FFA’s independent Board and amend FFA’s constitution.

Under the constitution, in order to expand, 75 percent of voting members must agree to a resolution for it to be passed.  The FFA Board does not have a vote.

Football Federation Australia Chairman Steven Lowy AM.

“FFA wants to see an expanded Congress for Australia that reflects the way the game is evolving in this country but also safeguards the significant progress made through the reforms of 12 years ago,” said FFA Chairman Steven Lowy AM.

“We have kept FIFA and AFC briefed on progress to date and they understand that the current Congress members and other stakeholders need more time to consider these matters.

“We will continue to facilitate the dialogue to push for a resolution of these discussions but all stakeholders recognise that the issues require careful examination on a number of levels. Our next Annual Congress meeting is due in November 2017 and we have agreed with FIFA and AFC to find a resolution  with our stakeholders and to ensure there is an  expanded FFA Congress at our AGM in November 2017.”