City to #LiftForLynchy at the Melbourne Derby

Melbourne City FC will help to raise awareness for adolescents and young Australians living with cancer, highlighting the ‘Support Joey Appeal’ at this Saturday’s Melbourne Derby.

Melbourne City FC has committed to donate at least a dollar for every attending fan at the Derby, will hold a fundraising auction, as well as giving supporters of both teams the opportunity to support the campaign through donations, match day activities and social media.

The Support Joey Appeal was founded to help 24-year-old Joey Lynch raise money to pursue potentially life-saving cancer treatment in the United States after he was diagnosed eight years ago with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 16 years old.

After eight years of treatment in Australia, Joey has exhausted all curative options available to him, with his only remaining hope for a potential cure an early phase clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Melbourne City will host Joey and representatives from the adolescent cancer charity CanTeen at the Club’s Chairman Function and will support the #LiftForLynchy campaign through its digital and social channels in the lead up to the match.

Joey, the son of football journalist Michael Lynch, said he was overwhelmed with the support from the football community.

“Ever since I was told I had to raise US$600,000 – obviously someone like me who has been battling cancer since they were a teenager – I can never dream of raising that money on my own.

“The footballing community, which I have been a part of my entire life, has rallied around me and provided so much support that I could never have anticipated happening.”

CEO of CanTeen, the Australian national support organisation for young people aged 12-24 living with cancer, Peter Orchard said:

“Taking part in an early phase clinical trial is the fastest way to access cutting-edge cancer treatment, but these medical innovations are out of reach to young people here in Australia.

“It’s truly wonderful to see the football community rallying behind Joey and I’d like to thank Melbourne City Football Club for their support.”

Melbourne City FC CEO Scott Munn said:

“Joey is an incredibly inspiring individual has been a longstanding friend of the Club.

“We hope by raising further awareness at this weekend’s match, it will help Joey edge closer to his target and to potentially life-saving treatment.”

To donate to the Support Joey Appeal or show your support for CanTeen’s call for a dedicated youth cancer research fund, sign the petition here: