Broxham’s extra motivation for Sydney grand final

Leigh Broxham is used to seeing players come and go. Now in his 11th season at Melbourne Victory, the popular utility believes that will add to his side’s motivation for the Hyundai A-League grand final against Sydney FC.

“It’s the last time this group will be together, and that’s a fact,” Broxham told reporters ahead of Sunday’s showpiece at Allianz Stadium. 

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Tunisian attacker Fahid Ben Khalfallah will leave the club after the grand final, while others off contract include Nick Ansell, Alan Baro, Rashid Mahazi and James Troisi. 

“So I think the penny dropped for a few people,” said Broxham.

“And it’s a finals game and you always get that little bit of extra intensity.

Melbourne Victory stalwart Leigh Broxham is bracing himself for a tough challenge against the in-form Wanderers on Saturday night.

“Everyone knew [against Brisbane] that you’re one game away from the [grand] final. 

“I think it’ll go up again for the grand final,” he said. 

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Broxham added that the ball may spend less time on the grass than in a regular season fixture.

“It is what it is, so you’re going to get a normal answer from me – they’ve got to play on it as well,” he said of the much-talked about Allianz surface. 

“Yeah, it’s not ideal but we’re happy to go up there and I think the spectacle of the grand final, and how much pressure it is, the ball doesn’t get down and play as much as a normal game.”

Sydney FC will play Melbourne Victory in the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 Grand Final.