Brisbane Roar Supporters’ Federation launches

Brisbane Roar Managing Director Mark Kingsman says the launch of a Roar Supporters’ Federation will help the club engage even more with all of their fans and allow a more unified voice to be heard.

Though in its infancy, the free-to-join Roar Supporters Federation is an organisation set up to provide a cohesive voice for all Brisbane Roar fans, not just active supporters. 

It was launched yesterday, and it’s an initiative the club supports, with Roar clearly seeing merit in distilling the fans’ views via one representative organisation. 

“From a club point of view, it’s an effort to galvanise the fans’ opinions,” Kingsman told

“With a supporters federation, you make a suggestion for, say, a walk out song and we’ll do it.

“We can’t listen to 200 different opinions. We can only listen to one.

Roar fans.

“And to grow a fan base is all about engaging with supporters and as many people as we possibly can.

“It gives them more of a voice in what happens. Obviously we have to run the business of the club but it’s a way to feel far more involved – and they involved and we listen to them on a daily basis.

“They now get a real strength of unity in their voice.”

The organisation, which is a not-for-profit group, has already received some positive feedback on social.

 And while it’s true each Hyundai A-League club have supporters groups – some very large in number – this is a plan for encompassing all Roar fans, not just active support in the Den.

It’s also hoped the federation will provide more of a structure to away games travel and, by selling its own merchandise, will generate revenue to maintain running costs.

Kingsman added: “We don’t necessarily want this to be an active supporters’ group, we want this to be for everyone.

Roar fans.

“Whether you go to games or watch on TV. It’s a way for you to follow Brisbane Roar – even if you live overseas.

“This is not my club, John Aloisi’s or the Bakries’. The fan base will be here long after we’re gone.

“Brisbane Roar will survive beyond that and so will the fan base so it’s about what the fans want and what they expect from the club. And long-term that will grow the fan base.”

The first official meeting of the Roar Supporters’ Federation is set down for January 28, before their round 17 clash with Wanderers.