Arnie, Musky’s final words before battle?

It all leads up to this. All the hard work’s been done, all the preparation finalised. Blotting out the white noise of the build-up, the final words of each coach will be pivotal.

But what will Graham Arnold and Kevin Muscat say in those last moments on Sunday before the Hyundai A-League Grand Final 2017?

Grand Final Preview: Sydney v Victory

Just before the two teams power up their final bro handshakes, walk out the dressing room door, down the tunnel and onto the pitch, we predict the tone and substance of each coach’s final address. 

GRAHAM ARNOLD’S FINAL WORDS writer Jason Pine puts himself into Arnie’s mind to predict his final words before the Sky Blues walk out onto Allianz this Sunday.

“Alright boys, here we are.

Round 29.

Everything we’ve done in the last 40 weeks has brought us to here.

Everything we’ve worked for, every day we’ve trained, every mile we’ve travelled.

Sydney FC players celebrate after Josh Brillante's opening goal in their big semi final win over Perth Glory.

It’s got us to the verge of something special.

So I don’t want you to change anything today.

Don’t change a thing.

Everything we have done up till now has worked.

I want you to trust in those things one more time.

Sydney FC’s ’emotional intelligence’ factor

Believe in those things and in each other … and we will win this game.

Let’s start well … make the first pass stick … win your personal battles nice and early.

Now get out there and show those fans what a champion team looks like.”

Melbourne Victory captain Carl Valeri and Sydney FC captain Alex Brosque alongside the Hyundai A-League Championship trophy.

KEVIN MUSCAT’S FINAL WORDS managing editor Aidan Ormond gets inside Musky’s head to predict his final words in the huddle before the Big V head out to battle at Allianz on Sunday.

[Looks around at the huddle, pauses then says…]

“Boys, what is this football club built on?

The answer to that is success.

It’s in our DNA. It’s our culture.

That’s why we’ve won three grand finals.

And that’s why we’ll win our fourth today.

And as look at you now, I only see winners. 

Berisha’s focus on Victory, not Sydney FC

Look at Bes… he’s a winner. 

Look at Carlo, he’s a winner. 

Look around you.

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat.

Big personalities. Winners. 

If you’re tired late in the game, if you can’t track back, or press, just remember how you’d feel if they won. Just remember that. 

But that’s not going to happen.


Because our pride is stronger than their arrogance.

They think they’ve won it already. 

And the pressure’s on them, not us 

So, enjoy it. 

James Troisi played a starring role in Melbourne Victory's 2-1 win over Adelaide United.

Make history.

For yourself, your families and this football club.

Be aggressive in everything you do, but control your aggression. 

And win your personal battles. 

You know the game plan. 

And because you’ll stick to the game plan… [pauses for effect]… We. Will. Win.

Because we’re Melbourne Victory. It. Is. Who. We. Are…” 

Sydney FC will play Melbourne Victory in the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 Grand Final.