All of the players signed for Westfield W-League Season 2020/21

Melbourne City will be the team every Westfield W-League side will be aiming to catch when the 2020/21 Season gets underway.

City completed a dominant campaign to clinch their fourth Westfield W-League crown last campaign and Rado Vidosic’s troops are likely to be one of the favourites again in the new season.

But it will be very much a fresh start for all nine clubs in 2020/21, as all sides begin to assemble their rosters ahead of a brand new season.

The player movements have already begun and the list below includes all players that have signed new contracts to play in the Westfield W-League 2020/21 campaign so far.

Players not mentioned in this list may already be under long-term contracts with their clubs or they may currently be in renewal negotiations.

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Adelaide United

Head coach: Adrian Stenta


Charlotte Grant, defender, renewed contract
Isabel Hodgson, attacker, renewed contract
Dylan Holmes, midfield, renewed contract
Emily Condon, attacker, renewed contract
Matilda McNamara, defender, renewed contract
Chelsea Dawber, attacker, renewed contract
Emily Hodgson, defender, renewed contract
Laura Johns, defender, renewed contract
Georgia Campagnale, midfielder, renewed contract
Sian Fryer-McLaren, goalkeeper, new signing
Annalee Grove, goalkeeper, new signing
Mallory Weber, attacker, renewed contract
Meleri Mullan, attacker, new signing
Ella Tonkin, defender, renewed contract
Inana Toovey, midfielder, new signing 
Abbey Burns, midfielder, new signing
Lara Kirkby, midfielder, new signing
Fiona Worts, attacker, new signing
Maruschka Waldus, defender, new signing


Sarah Willacy (Western Sydney Wanderers)

Charlotte Grant

Brisbane Roar

Head coach: Jake Goodship


Rosie Sutton, forward, new signing
Emily Gielnik, forward, new signing
Kim Carroll, defender, new signing
Tameka Yallop, midfielder, renewed contract
Georgina Worth, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Kaitlyn Torpey, defender, renewed contract
Morgan Aquino, goalkeeper new signing
Leticia McKenna, forward new signing
Winonah Heatley, defender, renewed contract
Anna Margraf, midfielder, renewed contract
Jamilla Rankin, defender, renewed contract
Mariel Hecher, striker, new signing
Billie Murphy, midfielder, new signing
Sharn Freir, striker, new signing
Olivia Chance, midfielder, new signing
Katrina Gorry, midfielder, renewed contract
Isobel Dalton, midfielder, renewed contract
Clare Polkinghorne, defender, renewed contract
Rebekah Horsey, midfielder, new signing
Larissa Crummer, attacker, new signing


Natalie Tathem (Melbourne Victory), Indiah-Paige Riley (Fortuna Hjørring), Hollie Palmer (Melbourne City), Billie Murphy.

Canberra United

Head coach: Vicki Linton


Paige Satchell, striker, new signing
Kendall Fletcher, midfielder, new signing
Grace Maher, midfielder, new signing
Laura Hughes, midfielder, renewed contract
Rachael Goldstein, midfielder, renewed contract
Lauren Keir, defender, renewed contract
Hayley Taylor-Young, forward, renewed contract
Nicki Flannery, striker, new signing
Bianca Galic, midfielder, new signing
Jessika Nash, defender, new signing
Clare Hunt, defender, new signing
Ashlie Crofts, midfielder, renewed contract
Isabella Foletta, defender, renewed contract
Demi Koulizakis, striker, new signing
Sally James, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Jessie Rasschaert, defender, renewed contract
Michelle Heyman, striker, new signing


Rebekah Horsey (Brisbane Roar) Karly Roestbakken (LSK Kvinner), Nikola Orgill (Western Sydney Wanderers), Patricia Charalambous (Perth Glory), Taren King (Newcastle Jets)

Nikki Flannery

Melbourne City

Head coach: Rado Vidosic


Sofia Sakalis, midfielder, under contract
Teagan Micah, goalkeeper, new signing
Julia Sardo, defender, new signing
Leah Davidson, midfielder, new signing
Rhali Dobson, attacker, renewed contract
Hollie Palmer, midfielder, new signing
Melissa Barbieri, goalkeeper-assistant coach, renewed contract
Teigen Allen, defender, renewed contract
Samantha Johnson, defender, new signing
Tori Tumeth, defender, new signing
Chelsea Blissett, defender, renewed contract
Tyla-Jay Vlajnic, attacker, renewed contract 
Jenna McCormick, defender, new signing
Chinatsu Kira, attacker, new signing
Emma Checker, defender, renewed contract
Alex Chidiac, midfielder, new signing
Harriet Withers, attacker, new signing
Sarah Cain, midfielder, new signing
Margot Robbine, attacker, new signing
Naomi Chinnama, defender, new signing
Lia Muldeary, defender, new signing
Noor Eckhoff, midfielder, new signing


Rebekah Stott (Brighton & Hove Albion), Lydia Williams (Arsenal), Steph Catley (Arsenal)

Melbourne Victory

Head coach: Jeff Hopkins


Claudia Bunge, defender, new signing
Catherine Zimmerman, attacker, new signing
Lia Privitelli, attacker, renewed contract
Angie Beard, defender, renewed contract
Melina Ayres, attacker, renewed contract
Amy Jackson, midfielder, renewed contract
Kayla Morrison, defender, new signing
MelindaJ Barbieri, midfielder, renewed contract
Kayla Morrison, defender, new signing
Polly Doran, attacker, renewed contract
Maja Markovski, attacker, new signing
Lisa De Vanna, attacker, new signing
Kyra Cooney-Cross, attacker, new signing
Annalie Longo, midfielder, renewed contract
Natalie Martineau, midfielder, new signing
Natalie Tathem, defender, new signing
Melissa Maizels, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Gaby Garton, goalkeeper, new signing
Tiffany Eliadis, midfielder, new signing


Jenna McCormick (Real Betis), Angie Beard (KR Reykjavik), Laura Brock (En Avant de Guingamp), Natasha Dowie (AC Milan), Grace Maher (Canberra United), Rosie Sutton (Brisbane Roar).

Natasha Dowie

Newcastle Jets

Head coach: Ashley Wilson


Gema Simon, defender, renewed contract
Cassidy Davis, midfielder, renewed contract
Tara Andrews, attacker, renewed contract
Hannah Brewer, defender, renewed contract
Claire Coelho, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Nicole Simonsen, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Lauren Allan, attacker, renewed contract
Tessa Tamplin, defender, renewed contract
Panayiota Petratos, midfielder, renewed contract 
Jemma House, attacker, new signing
Tiana Jaber, midfielder, new signing
Taren King, defender, new signing
Evelyn Chronis, attacker, new signing
Sophie Harding, attacker, new signing
Chloe O’Brien, midfielder, new signing
Sunny Franco, midfielder, new signing 
Rhianna Pollicina, attacker, new signing
Alisha Bass, midfielder, new signing


Teigan Collister (Western Sydney Wanderers), Clare Wheeler (Sydney FC)

Perth Glory

Head coach: Alexander Epakis


Natasha Rigby, defender, renewed contract
Sarah Carroll, defender, renewed contract
Caitlin Doeglas, attacker, renewed contract
Patricia Charalambous, defender, new signing
Jamie-Lee Gale, defender, renewed contract
Abbey Green, attacker, renewed contract
Hana Lowry, midfielder, renewed contract
Lexie Moreno, midfielder, renewed contract
Isabella Wallhead, defender, renewed contract
Katarina Jukic, attacker, renewed contract
Marianna Tabain, attacker, new signing
Lily Alfeld, goalkeeper, new signing
Elizabeth Anton, defender, new signing
Malia Steinmetz, midfielder, new signing
Deborah-Anne de la Harpe, forward, new signing
Sarah Morgan, defender, new signing
Rebecca Bennett, goalkeeper, new signing
Gemma Craine, attacker, new signing
Tijan McKenna, midfielder, new signing


Kim Carroll (Brisbane Roar), Morgan Aquino (Brisbane Roar), Leticia McKenna (Brisbane Roar), Julia Sardo (Melbourne City) 

Sydney FC

Head coach: Ante Juric


Teresa Polias, midfielder, renewed contract
Ellie Brush, defender, renewed contract
Ally Green, defender, renewed contract
Mackenzie Hawkesby, midfielder, renewed contract
Angelique Hristodoulou, defender, renewed contract
Princess Ibini, attacker, renewed contract
Rachel Lowe, attacker, new signing
Jada Mathyssen-Whyman, goalkeeper, new signing
Charlotte McLean, midfielder, new signing
Elizabeth Ralston, midfielder, renewed contract
Taylor Ray, midfielder, renewed contract
Charlize Rule, attacker, new signing
Remy Siemsen, attacker, renewed contract
Natalie Tobin, midfielder, renewed contract
Cortnee Vine, attacker, new signing
Clare Wheeler, midfielder, new signing
Allira Toby, attacker, new signing
Katie Offer, goalkeeper, new signing


None announced

Remy Siemsen

Western Sydney Wanderers

Head coach: Dean Heffernan


Teigan Collister, midfielder, new signing
Rosie Galea, midfielder, renewed contract
Sarah Willacy, goalkeeper, new signing
Courtney Newbon, goalkeeper, renewed contract
Danika Matos, defender, renewed contract
Chloe Middleton, midfielder, renewed contract
Georgia Yeoman-Dale, defender, renewed contract
Susan Phonsongkham, attacker, renewed contract
Courtney Nevin, defender, renewed contract
Olivia Price, midfielder, renewed contract
Caitlin Cooper, defender, renewed contract
Libby Copus-Brown, midfielder, new signing
Margaux Chauvet, defender, new signing
Nikola Orgill, defender, new signing
Bryleeh Henry, attacker, new signing
Aideen Keane, midfielder, new signing
Isabel Gomez, midfielder, new signing
Sarah Hunter, midfielder, new signing
Julie-Ann Russell, attacker, new signing


Jada Mathyssen-Whyman, Cortnee Vine, Rachel Lowe (all Sydney FC), Tiana Jaber (Newcastle Jets)

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