Liberty A-League Ins & Outs: Nine clubs boosted as Young Matildas return from Asian Cup success

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The teams are in ahead of Round 21 in the Liberty A-League – and squads around the competition are bolstered by Young Matildas stars returning from international duty.

The U20 squad secured a bronze medal finish at the AFC U20 Asian Cup, beating South Korea in the third-place playoff on March 16.

The Young Matildas squad featuring 22 Liberty A-League players have been together since February 19; more than a month later, after pre-tournament training camps and the tournament itself, 19 of the 22 Young Matildas selected from A-Leagues clubs are back among their respective club squads for the first time since Round 17.

Read on for all the team news ahead of Round 21.

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Saturday, 4pm AEDT: Newcastle Jets vs Melbourne Victory

Newcastle Jets squad: 1. Isabel NINO, 2. Josie WILSON, 3. Claudia CICCO , 4. Natasha PRIOR, 6. Cassidy DAVIS, 7. Gema SIMON, 9. MelindaJ BARBIERI, 10. Libby COPUS-BROWN, 11. Sarina BOLDEN, 13. Lauren ALLAN, 14. Melina AYRES, 15. Alex HUYNH, 18. Sophie HOBAN, 21. Kiara ROCHAIX, 22. Lorena BAUMANN, 23. Zoe KARIPIDIS, Milan HAMMOND, 25. Lara GOOCH, 26. Josie ALLAN, 28. Emma DUNDAS.

Ins: 3. Claudia CICCO (returns from international duty), 25. Lara GOOCH (returns from international duty)

Outs: Nil

Melbourne Victory squad: 2.Jamilla RANKIN, 3.Tori HANSEN, 4.Sara D’APPOLONIA, 5.Jessika NASH, 6.Beattie GOAD, 7.Ella O’GRADY, 8.Alana MURPHY, 9.Emily GIELNIK, 10.Alex CHIDIAC, 15.Emma CHECKER, 16.Paige ZOIS, 18.Kayla MORRISON, 19.Lia PRIVITELLI, 21.Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, 22.Ava BRIEDIS, 24.Laura PICKETT, 23.Rachel LOWE, 27.Rosie CURTIS, 50.Courtney NEWBON, 66.Geo CANDY

Ins: 5.Jessika NASH (returns from international duty), 8.Alana MURPHY (returns from international duty)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 1.Lydia WILLIAMS , 20.Miranda TEMPLEMAN

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Saturday, 4pm AEDT: Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners

Melbourne City squad: 2. Leia VARLEY, 3. Naomi CHINNAMA, 5. Taylor OTTO, 6. Leticia McKENNA, 7. Julia GROSSO, 10. Rhianna POLLICINA, 11. Emina EKIC, 12. Shelby McMAHON, 13. Rebekah STOTT, 14. Laura HUGHES, 15. Kiera MEYERS, 16. Karly ROESTBAKKEN, 17. Hannah WILKINSON, 18. Leah DAVIDSON, 19. Tijan McKENNA, 21. Isabella ACCARDO, 22. Bryleeh HENRY, 23. Melissa BARBIERI (GK), 24. Daniela GALIC, 88. BÁRBARA (GK)

Ins: 3. Naomi CHINNAMA (returns from international duty), 10. Rhianna POLLICINA (returns from injury), 19. Tijan McKENNA (returns from international duty), 24. Daniela GALIC (returns from international duty)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 9. Holly McNAMARA (ACL)

Central Coast Mariners squad: 1 Sarah LANGMAN, 2. Faye BRYSON, 3. Ash IRWIN, 4. Paige HAYWARD, 5. Annabel MARTIN, 6. Isabel GOMEZ, 8. Bianca GALIC, 9. WURIGUMULA, 10. Rola BADAWIYA, 11. Annalise RASMUSSEN, 12. Jazmin WARDLOW, 13. Alexia KARRYS-STAHL, 14. Sophie NENADOVIC, 17. Kyah SIMON, 19. Tiarna KARAMBASIS, 22. Peta TRIMIS, 24. Shay EVANS, 27. Maya LOBO, 33. Tess QUILLIGAN, 92. Casey DUMONT

Ins: 22. Peta TRIMIS (returns from international duty)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: Taren KING (Injured)

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Saturday, 6pm AEDT: Western Sydney Wanderers vs Western United

Western Sydney Wanderers squad: 1.Kaylie COLLINS (GK), 2.Vicky BRUCE, 3. Gemma FERRIS, 4.Madison MCCOMASKY, 5.Lauren KEIR, 6.Amy CHESSARI, 7.Amy HARRISON, 8.Olivia PRICE, 9.Sophie HARDING, 10.Melissa CACERES, 11.Danika MATOS, 14.Ella BUCHANAN, 15.Cushla RUE, 17.India BREIER, 18.Malia MORRIS, 19.Talia YOUNIS, 20.Sham KHAMIS (GK), 21. Alexia APOSTOLAKIS, 22.Ischia BROOKING, 32.Bethany GORDON

Ins: 3.Gemma FERRIS (returns from international duty), 21.Alexia APOSTOLAKIS (returns from international duty)

Outs: Nil

Western United squad: 1. Alyssa DALL’OSTE (gk), 2. Stacey PAPADOPOULOS, 4. Jaclyn SAWICKI, 5. Aimee MEDWIN, 9. Hannah KEANE, 10. Kahli JOHNSON, 11. Emma ROBERS, 12. Lucy RICHARDS, 13. Avaani PRAKASH, 14. Natasha DAKIC, 16. Melissa TARANTO, 18. Grace MAHER, 19. Tyla Jay VLAJNIC, 20. Keiwa HIEDA, 22. Alana CERNE, 24. Julia SARDO, 31. Kathrine LARSEN, 34. Catherine ZIMMERMAN

Ins: 10. Kahli JOHNSON (returns from international duty), 14. Natasha DAKIC

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 6. Chloe LOGARZO (injured), 15. Adriana TARANTO (injured) 17. Raquel DERALAS (injured)

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Sunday, 2pm AEDT: Canberra United vs Wellington Phoenix

Canberra United squad: 1. Chloe LINCOLN, 2. Alex MCKENZIE, 3. Sarah CLARK, 4. Holly MURRAY, 5. Emma ILIJOSKI, 6. Ava PIAZZA, 8. Sasha GROVE, 9. Ruby NATHAN, 10. Mary STANIC-FLOODY, 11. Deven JACKSON, 13. Sofia CHRISTOPHERSON, 15. Hannah MCNULTY 16. Maddy WHITTALL 17. Vesna MILIVOJEVIC, 18. Coco MAJSTOROVIC 19. Nickoletta FLANNERY, 20. Lillian SKELLY, 22. Cannon CLOUGH, 23. Michelle HEYMAN, 28. Tegan BERTOLISSIO 

Ins: 1. Chloe LINCOLN (returns from international duty), Sasha GROVE (returns from international duty), 28. Tegan BERTOLISSIO (returns from international duty)

Outs: 24. Georgia RITCHIE

Unavailable: 7. Maria ROJAS, 12. Hayley TAYLOR-YOUNG, 14. Maia CAMERON, 24. Georgia RITCHIE

Wellington Phoenix squad: 1. Rylee FOSTER (gk), 2. Zoe MCMEEKEN, 3. Kate TAYLOR, 4. Mackenzie BARRY, 6. Macey FRASER, 7. Isabel COX, 10. Alyssa WHINHAM, 11. Hope BRESLIN, 13. Michaela FOSTER, 14. Michaela ROBERTSON, 15. Daisy BRAZENDALE, 16. Annalie LONGO (c), 17. Mariana SPECKMAIER, 18. Hailey DAVIDSON, 19. Liv INGHAM, 20. Emma MAIN, 21. Manaia ELLIOTT, 22. Aimee DANIELI (gk), 26. Tiana JABER, 27. Helena ERRINGTON

Four to be omitted

In: 19. Liv INGHAM (promoted)

Out: 9. Kelli BROWN (omitted)

Unavailable: 5. Marisa VAN DER MEER (injured), 8. Grace WISNEWSKI (injured), 12. Brianna EDWARDS (gk) (personal reasons), 23. Rebecca LAKE (injured)

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Sunday, 4pm AEDT: Sydney FC vs Adelaide United

Sydney FC squad: 1.Jada WHYMAN (GK), 2. Margaux CHAUVET, 3. Charlotte MCLEAN, 4. Tori TUMETH, 8. Darcey MALONE, 9. Shea CONNORS, 10. Sienna SAVESKA, 11. Cortnee VINE, 13. Darcey MALONE, 14. Abbey LEMON, 15. Mackenzie HAWKESBY, 16. Jordan THOMPSON, 18. Taylor RAY, 19. Zara KRUGER, 20. Princess IBINI, 21. Shay HOLLMAN, 22. Indiana DOS SANTOS, 24. Caley TALLON-HENNIKER, 26. Madeleine CASPERS, 40. Jasmine BLACK

Four to be omitted

Ins: 19. Zara KRUGER (returns from international duty), 20. Princess IBINI © (return from injury), 21. Shay HOLLMAN (returns from international duty), 22. Indiana DOS SANTOS (returns from international duty), 26. Madeleine CASPERS (returns from international duty)

Outs: 5. Kirsty FENTON (injured)

Unavailable: 6. Lucy JOHNSON (injured), 12. Nat TOBIN (injured), 23. Fiona WORTS (injured)

Adelaide United squad: 1.Annalee GROVE (gk), 2.Emily HODGSON, 3.Meleri MULLAN, 5.Sarah MORGAN, 6.Hannah BLAKE, 8.Emily CONDON, 10.Chelsie DAWBER, 11.Isabel HODGSON (c), 12.Nanako SASAKI, 13.Ella TONKIN, 14.Jenna HOLTZ, 16.Dylan HOLMES, 17.Zoe TOLLAND, 19.Maruschka WALDUS, 20.Miley GRIGG, 21.Claudia JENKINS, 23.Alana JANČEVSKI, 28.Chrissy PANAGARIS

Ins: 10.Chelsie DAWBER, 14.Jenna HOLTZ

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 7.Mariah LEE (hip/quad), 4.Erin KONTOUTSIKOS (back), 15.Katie BOWLER (foot), 22.Emilia MURRAY (calf)

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Sunday, 4pm AEDT: Brisbane Roar vs Perth Glory

Brisbane Roar squad: 1. Keeley RICHARDS, 2. Rebecca KIRKUP, 3. Deborah-Anne DE LA HARPE, 4. Kijah STEPHENSON, 5. Jenna MCCORMICK, 6. Holly MCQUEEN, 7. Ayesha NORRIE (C) 8. Mariel HECHER, 9. Mia CORBIN, 11. Sharn FREIER, 12. Tamar LEVIN, 13. Tameka YALLOP, 14. Sarah O’DONOGHUE, 17. Leah SCARPELLI, 18. Teagan THOMPSON, 19. Hollie PALMER, 20. Bonnie DAVIES, 21. Isabella SHUTTLEWORTH, 23. Ashlee BRODIGAN, 32. Alicia WOODS

Ins: Nil

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 10. Grace KUILAMU 15. Hannah HOLGERSEN 16. Chelsea BLISSETT 22. Ruby CUTHBERT

Perth Glory squad: 1.Morgan AQUINO (GK), 3.Jessika COWART, 4.Natasha RIGBY (c), 7.Liz ANTON, 8.Hana LOWRY, 9.Millie FARROW, 10.Susan PHONSONGKHAM, 11.Grace JALE, 13.Sarah CAIN, 17.Abbey GREEN, 18.Sadie LAWRENCE, 19.Izzy FOLETTA, 20.Quinley QUEZADA, 22.Claudia MIHOCIC, 23.Isobel DALTON, 24.Sally JAMES (GK), 26.Tanika LALA, 27.Georgia CASSIDY, 30.Mischa ANDERSON, 31.Clara HOARAU

Four to be omitted

Ins: 17.Abbey GREEN, 22.Claudia MIHOCIC, 27.Georgia CASSIDY (returns from international duty), 30.Mischa ANDERSON

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 16.Isabella WALLHEAD (injured), 25.Grace JOHNSTON (injured)