Age no issue for Roar’s ‘Big Mac’: Aloisi

Brisbane boss John Aloisi says age is no barrier for Roar striker Massimo Maccarone after the Italian was unveiled as the club’s marquee at a media conference on Monday.

Maccarone, 37, will turn 38 by the start of the Hyundai A-League 2017/18 season but Aloisi insists the former Empoli and Middlesbrough marksman will be a hit in Australia.


“It was pretty easy in the end. Vince Grella called me while I was on holiday and asked me whether if I’d be interested in Massimo,” Aloisi told reporters on Monday.

“Even though I watch a lot of football, Serie A especially, I went back and watched some recent games of his while I was on holiday.

“I saw the way he was moving, I saw the way his team played. I knew he would fit our style very quickly.

“I asked Vince if he’s really serious, to speak to Massimo. Virtually within days I got a yes and then Craig Moore finished off the contract.

“That’s how simple it was. Obviously when a player of Massimo’s calibre is interested, you get excited.

“You do your research then you ask people that’ve played with and we’ve got a number of Australians who’ve played with him either in Italy or England.

“His character will definitely the Brisbane Roar culture. That for me is just as important as they player himself.”


“I hope to do well. I know this is a big club here in Australia. I want to give my experience to the younger players,” Maccarone said.

“I hope to score a lot of goals. But I think the important thing is to win the game.

“I spoke with Vincenzo Grella before I come here. He told me this is a good team, they play good football and they have a very good manager.

“I don’t know [the league] very well. I’ve only seen the last two or three years. But I think it continues to improve [the level].

“When I saw Del Piero come to Australia, I saw many games on Italian television. Big stadiums, many people go [to watch] and this is good to play.”


“I’ve never been one about age. I’ll play a Dane Ingham at 17 or I’ll play a Corona who come from Spain at 35,” Aloisi said.


“People didn’t expect Corona to be able to handle the pace [of the A-League] because of where he’s played in Spain and then he comes here and he’s the player of the season.

“I’ll go off of the individual and individuals are all different. In Italy it’s not rare for a player to play until he’s 40.

“We all know the likes of Paolo Maldini and those players there play until they’re 40, they look after themselves, they’re top professionals.

Massimo Maccarone.

“Here in Australia we straight away comment about age. But I’m sure he’ll show on the pitch what he’s capable of doing and people will start to forget about that.”