Every word Ross Pelligra said in his first interview as Perth Glory owner

New Perth Glory owner Ross Pelligra spoke to Paramount+ following their 3-2 win over Brisbane Roar in the first game since his takeover.

Reconnecting with the community and restoring Perth Glory to their glory days were key takeaways from Ross Pelligra’s first interview since acquiring the A-Leagues club.

On Friday, the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) named the Pelligra Group as the new owners of Perth Glory.

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A private, family-owned business, Pelligra Group has recently expanded its operations to acquire interests in a number of sporting clubs around the world and becomes the new owner of Perth Glory following an extensive process.

In Europe, Pelligra Group has a 100% interest in Catania Football Club s.r.l., while in Australia the group has ownership in basketball, baseball and ice hockey clubs. The diversity of sports allows the exchange of information, which enables the Group to cross-market and create more opportunities for youth development and community involvement.

Ross Pelligra was in attendance for Saturday night’s thrilling 3-2 Isuzu UTE A-League win over Brisbane Roar and this is what he told Paramount+ post-match.

“It’s been a big milestone to get here but proud and I feel honoured the people from Perth have accepted me to become the owner,” Pelligra said.

“I’m looking forward to growing the club back to where it was back in the day, where it felt like it was part of the community.

“For me it’s important the club has it’s true values and we’re building it around what people believe in the state and when we’re playing in other states, they can see the identity of the club. It’s from every player to personalities.”

He continued: “The Shed tonight showed me that the people here are passionate.

“Now it’s a matter of creating the same atmosphere right through (the whole stadium), from every stand, to get that atmosphere… that’s why you come to the games for the entertainment.

“In Catania we have that from left to right. It’s amazing. Sometimes it’s a little too much but it’s why you go the games and we will be working on that.”

Pelligra added: “First things first, we need to connect back to the community.

“The community feel they own the club. At the end of the day, Perth does belong to the people of Perth but also the whole region. It’s a one-state club and it’s important the whole state gets behind the club.

“I want this club to be able to sustain itself and stand on its own two feet. Get to a point where the club will be able to carry on even beyond having me here.

“The people of Perth want to see they have ownership and that’s what I’ll be delivering.”